K.A.R.D Tour Dates and Tickets (Europe, US, Singapore, Etc)



K.A.R.D’s Concerts

Early this year, K.A.R.D has officially announced their world tour concert for 2018. The co-ed group under DSP Media with 4 members, B.M, J.Seph, Somin and Jiwoo reportedly will have their second world tour in Asia and Australia. Their first world tour in 2017 titled ‘Wild KARD’ had kicked off the America and Europe. The group who debuted with Hola-Hola has gained a massive demands from their fans in Europe and America. They also held photo session, fan meet, Q&A, hi touch and even group photo.

KARD has been recognized from their projects, even before their official debut which had been set for July 2017. Their first project single was  Oh Na Na and it caught the eyes of fans and music critics. Next project was Don’t recall, has 2 versions Korean and English version. Their final project was released on April 24 and the Rumor single reportedly hit the charts at number 1 in total 13 countries (Brazil, the United States, Argentina, Vietnam, the Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, El Salvador, Chile, New Zealand, Australia, and Bolivia) on iTunes’ main charts.

DSP Media

Fans from America and Europe eagerly waiting for their tour, that even happened before their official debut. This divided their first world tour into several parts. America will have 2 parts tour, Europe tour and 2 parts of South America. KARD also will meet their fans in Singapore and Manila in early 2018.

KARD’s Europe Tour

DSP Media

KARD’s Europe tour was held by their own fans, MyMusicTaste and the online service brought fans’ ideas to light through a voting system. KARD visited 5 cities in Europe – London, Lisbon, Madrid, Milan, and Rotterdam from 1st of September until 10th of September.

The dates and venues of the tour as follows:

London: September 1, 2017 at ULU Live
Lisbon: September 3, 2017 at SALA TIME OUT
Madrid: September 5, 2017 at SALA BUT
Milan: September 8, 2017 at Magazzini Generali
Rotterdam: September 10, 2017 at Annabel

The tour was very special since marked their first time visiting Europe as they hold many activities involving fans such as Q&A, hi touch, photo group session, and many more. Fans were pampered with many interactions with KARD during the tour.

KARD’s Ticket Concert London


London became the first stop for KARD to greet their Europe fans. The tickets starting from from £45 to £115 with various benefits offered. The concert was held in Ulu Live on September 1st. London was the only city with the most varied classes and ticket types, as shown below:

Ultimate KARD Package 1: £115 Includes: Standing ticket. Priority early entry. Hi Touch and group photo.
Ultimate KARD Package 2: £115 Includes: Balcony unreserved seating. Priority early entry. Hi Touch and group photo.
Wild KARD Package 1: £85 Includes: Standing ticket. Early entry and Hi Touch.
Wild KARD Package 2: £85 Includes: Balcony unreserved seating. Early entry and Hi Touch.
General Admission: £45 Includes: Standing ticket.

The tickets can be bought from TicketMaster UK and pre-ordered through their website. The concert was running smoothly and fans were satisfied watching the group performance. Many fans were happy and could not wait to watch KARD comeback or another tour ahead.

Some people share their thoughts after joining Wild Tour KARD in London.

london kard

It was pretty surreal to see them perform live after following their endeavors online for the past few months. They were absolutely amazing! Their vocals and choreo were so good, they interacted with the fans so well, and the time flew far too quickly. Can’t wait for them to come back!“.

While another said, “I don’t know where to start because the performance was truly amazing and lit!
I love how they did mini games to interact with us fans! Choreography was on point! 
Hi-touch was good + they were so kind but the meet and greet… well that was too quick, wish we had the chance to actually interact with them. I know it’s not their fault but still at least a small interaction with kard would’ve been nice (didn’t spend £130 for nothing tbh) :)) 
Overall the concert was lit and i would recommend going this event to anyone who likes kpop/kard ^^~” 

During this concert, fans were interacting eagerly with each member and on the other side, KARD gave their best fan service. KARD also received lot of love and support from their fans, especially Europe fans.