Let’s Take a Look at K.A.R.D’s BM Instagram Feed!


K.A.R.D’s BM Shares Moments Through Instagram

BM is one of the members of K.A.R.D, a co-ed group, along with So-min, J.Seph, and Ji-woo. They were debuted in July 2017 under DSP Media with their first mini-album, Hola Hola. Before their debut, he and his fellow members made three project singles, Oh NaNa, Don’t Recall, and Rumour. BM are the initials for Big Matthew, his nickname. He is the tallest member of the group, with height 186cm (6’1″) and weight of about 80 kg (176 lbs), which makes him also the ‘big’ one. He was born and raised in California, so he can speak English well and he kind of has the ‘California Boy’ vibe. He always looks stylish, too, probably because his mother is a designer. He likes to dance and work out at the gym. He also likes to take pictures.

Apparently, BM often cherishes the moments and thoughts in his life by posting pictures and videos on his Instagram account. He shares a lot of memories, such when he’s with fellow K.A.R.D members, his friends, dance practice videos, and a lot of selfies! In this article, we will show you some of his Instagram feed. Check it out!

Instagram Feed


If we scroll through his Instagram feed, we can see a bunch of his selfies on it. It seems like BM likes to take selfies and share them on Instagram so we can see how he is doing almost every day!


For a starter, he posted this after K.A.R.D. doing their live broadcast on V-App. He’s wearing a casual look with a hoodie and a snapback hat. He looks so chill!

Another chill look came from this post. This time without a hat, and showing us his bangs. His t-shirt looks matched with his expression, APIECEOFCAKE! (a piece of cake).

Can we make an easy comparison of him with and without bangs? With and without a cap?” Yep, you just got an answer in this post! He made a collage of his selfies with several poses and expressions. It seems like he changed his cap with a furry hoodie. We can see his funny side here, because he seems like he doesn’t care much about how he looks with many expressions, even with silly-looked ones. Oh, he also showed his ring on his pointer finger!

Here’s him with another cap! One thing that we might notice at first glance are the piercings in his ear. We can see the size gradation of the hoops, from big to small. Plus he has another piercing on his ear bone! If you think that he looks like he’s wearing headphones only on one side, you are totally right! You can check the other photos and see the red headphones clearly. Looks like he wanted to show us his piercings, that’s why he only wore the headphones on the other side of his head.

His latest selfie looks like he was in a car. He has a new look, with bright blond hair and longer bangs. We can also see different headphones from before. He also looks like he’s wearing a thick coat; maybe it was cold there? the piercings both of his ears were also seen more clearly. He added another collage of his selfies in the next photo, with several bangs styles.

Different from the selfies above, BM often takes mirror selfies so we can see his upper or full body, like below!

In this post, he was sharing his happiness after getting a pair of new timbs (shortened from Timberlands, a brand of waterproof leather boots) for the winter. Who would not be happy to get new cool shoes, especially from mom? He combined the boots with a sassy outfit that revealed both of his muscular arms.

Wow, his back view is no kidding!” some of you might think like that when you saw this post for the first time. He had a smart way of showing off his back view by taking a selfie through the mirror using the front camera of his phone. It seemed like he wanted to ‘get thick’ again by working out.

Not enough with his back view, he posted his front view, as well. He showed his eight-pack abs off! From his caption, we can assume that he did gain weight a little during and after the group’s touring and now he thanked his friend to get him back in shape. And yes, we can see one of his tattoos on the left side of his chest.

The caption said it. This time he took a selfie a bit further so we can see almost a full view of his body. It looks like he found a giant mirror in the bathroom and took a selfie there. We can see his abs through his black blazer. We have to agree that he looked like a bad boy here.

Where else can we find a giant mirror? The fitting room! He looked a bit different this time. He’s showing more American swag by wearing a headband with a thick bomber jacket. His bright skin stands out in that dark blue jacket.

Another photo of him at the gym, in a blue cap and black headphones. Looks like he wanted to show us that he really worked out to get his body in shape without any ‘cheat code’.

Group Photos with K.A.R.D.

Other than just posting pictures of himself, he often shares his moments with fellow members of K.A.R.D. He shows their closeness to one another by taking selfies or posting pictures together.

Looks like BM was so excited to have another tour with fellow K.A.R.D members!

Look at their closeness here! There was actually a video behind the scenes before this photo was taken. BM was seen aggressively chasing So-min and ended up jumping to the swimming pool with the others and took this cute pic together!

Looks like he really loves his group mates! They look so happy in there.

BM celebrated K.A.R.D’s first anniversary by posting this photo and putting this caption in it. He was grateful for the people who have supported he and the group up until then.

They all look good and glowing in black outfits!

Also really badass in white, too!

BM often posts pictures of him with a fellow member to celebrate his/her birthday. How sweet of him!

This is on Ji-woo’s birthday, just like a real brother and sister!

This is on J.Seph birthday, with some bromance photos! Actually BM has spent quite a lot of time with J.Seph because they were supposed to be debuted as a duo hip-hop group. J.Seph also helped him a lot when BM moved to Korea. So it was unquestionable for their closeness right?

They look like a badass couple in the first two photos! He trolled So-min on her birthday by posting a derp face of her in the third and fourth photo. Hope he really got away fast when she saw this post!

The latest of the group photos was when he was promoting for their latest track, Bomb Bomb. They look badass, yet so classy!

Dance Practice Video

If you have watched K.A.R.D’s dance practice videos and saw and became a fan of BM’s dance moves, you would like to check his posts of his own dance practice videos, too!

Looks like BM enjoyed the song a lot, since it’s the famous song from Bruno Mars – Finesse. We can see So-min leaning on the wall behind.

Another video of his smooth moves!

This time in a dance studio with some friends!

He looks so cool and swag in this! Even a basement parking lot could be a dancing stage for him!

Yep, enough to conclude that he really likes to dance right?


He also posted some other pictures like below!

Although he didn’t put anything in the caption but a smiley emoticon, we can assume that this was him when he was still a little kid! He looks so cute!

Who doesn’t know the multi-talented soloist Jay Park? Looks like BM was inspired by him as well. Here is a blessing for fans who want to see both BM and Jay Park in one frame!

A fan editing was reposted by BM! It was a unique editing of the famous #saltbae chef was sprinkling not salt but a bunch of BM heads! No wonder BM found it funny!

We can see his ootd (outfit of the day) here! He’s wearing a grey t-shirt combined with ripped jeans and black sneakers. He looks so dope!

In performances, he really gives it all the best of him.

He really does some boxing exercises. No wonder he has those muscular arms! We sure can’t get our eyes off his little tiny pigtail above his head.

Looks like his work-out routine paid off! He became a cover of Mens Health magazine! It was also reposted on K.A.R.D’s official Instagram account. Congratulations!

BM may update more often than the other members but, because of it, we can stay updated about his daily life and even other K.A.R.D members. K.A.R.D has just finished their comeback stage with Bomb Bomb. Let’s give him and K.A.R.D lots of love and support!