JYP CEO Park Jin-young Got Married for the Second Time 4 Years After His Divorce! Find Out More About His New Wife and His Past Marriage!


South Korean CEO of Entertainment Agency Park Jin-Young

Park Jin-young was born on December 13th, 1972, also known as J.Y. Park or JYP, is a singer, songwriter, dancer, record producer, and founder of JYP Entertainment, a major South Korean management/recording label. Park Jin-Young was born in Seoul. He attended the Yonsei University, during which time he released his first two albums. He graduated with a bachelor’s degree in geology in 1996.

He is famous for his songs such as “Don’t Leave Me”, “Elevator”, “She Was Pretty”, “Honey”, “Kiss”, “Your House”. He founded JYP Entertainment in 2001, compiled and produced several singles and albums for singers such as Rain, Wonder Girls, 2AM, 2PM, miss A, GOT7, DAY6, and TWICE, Stray Kids.

Park Jin-Young’s Profile

Name Park Jin-Young ( 박진영 ) also known as JYP
Born December 13, 1972, Seoul – South Korea
Education Yonsei University
  • Singer
  • Songwriter
  • Record Producer
  • Record Executive
  • Dancer
  • JYP Entertainment Founder
Years Active 1992 – Present
Label JYP Entertainment
Website jyp.jype.com

Park Jin-Young’s Career



In 1992, Park Jin-Young debuted with a group called ‘Park Jin-Young and the New Generation, but did not end successfully. In 1994, he debuted as a solo singer with the album Blue City and “Don’t Leave Me”, and the results were successful.

Park Jin-Young has released many albums. He continued Blue City with his second album Tantara in 1995. His third album Summer Jingle Bell, was released in 1997 with the hit song “She Was Pretty”. His fourth album Even After 10 Years (1998) with the main song “Honey”, and the seventh album Back To Stage (2007) with the song “Kiss”. In 2013, he released an album titled “White in Snow”. While maintaining his status as a successful artist, he also composed and produced more than 31 singles that entered charts and 25 albums for various artists and groups in Korea including Rain and Wonder Girls.

Park Jin-Young also became the first Asian producer to penetrate the United States music industry, producing music for Will Smith, Mase and Cassie.

In May 2008, Park Jin-Young collaborated with Jackie Chan to form the “I Love Asia” Project, which was a form of solidarity for the victims of the Chinese earthquake. Park Jin-Young is able to speak English very well, as there are many proofs in the variety of interviews he conducted in America.

In October 2009, JYP also became the first South Korean music producer to enter the Billboard Hot 100 Chart with RAINSTONE with the Wonder Girls hit song, “Nobody” which debuted at 76th.

On December 3, 2009, JYP released their newest single, No Love No More. On April 22nd, 2011, JYP and Ga-In released a duet song titled “Someone Else.” This is JYP’s first song released in two years. On April 28, 2012, JYP released his new single, “You’re the One”.

In 2015, JYP released a collaborative single along with rapper Jessi entitled, “Who’s Your Mama”.


In early 2011, JYP made an acting debut at Dream High, which earned him a nomination for New Actor of the Year at the Baek Sang Arts Awards. In January 2012 he appeared again in the sequel to Dream High, titled Dream High 2.

In 2011, Park Jin-Young made his debut on the big screen as Choi Young-in, a man with a mission to send 5 Million Dollars, in the film Five Million Dollar Man along with Jo Sung-ha and Min Hyo-rin. The film was released on July 19, 2012.

Park Jin-Young Divorced After Marriage For 10 Years


Singer and producer Park Jin-young, also known as JYP, is divorcing his wife of 10 years. The 37-year-old announced the news through his official website on Friday.

“We (my wife and I) have decided to split after several years of much pondering and hovering,” he wrote in the online message. “I am sorry that I wasn’t able to keep the vow we made before our loving friends and fans.”

Park Jin-Young, who has produced popular K-pop stars such as Rain and the Wonder Girls, met his wife, a florist known by her surname Seo, in college. They tied the knot in 1999 and had no children. News of their divorce spread quickly through the local entertainment scene, and reporters sought him for a statement. “I though it would be better that I told everyone myself, rather than through the media,” he said.

“I spent the past 16 years with my first love that I met when I was 20,” he wrote. “We shared the most precious years and the most beautiful moments together, and loved each other passionately. But we started drifting apart a few years ago.”

According to the Yonhap News, Park Jin-Young’s management agency, JYP Entertainment, said “the two have made up their minds, but have yet to complete the legal procedures of the divorce.”

Park Jin-Young Announces His Marriage For The Second Time


After holding a widower status for some time, Park Jin-Young, known as JYP, will finally return to single. The famous agency founder JYP Entertainment announced that he would soon get married.

Through a social media account, JYP announced on Tuesday (09/17/2013), that he had found a woman who would be his companion. However, Park Jin-Young did not want to divulge the identity of his future wife.

“This woman who will be my companion is 9 years younger than me. She is an ordinary woman, not an artist. We have fallen in love in the first glance,” wrote the 41-year-old man in the Me2Day account.

He added that he had experienced difficulties when dealing with women he loved because of differences in the way of life. “He wants his ordinary life not to be disturbed. That makes us often have problems. Luckily, everything can now be overcome.”

“After all that went through, I ventured to propose to her. I was very happy that she would accept my proposal. We will be married next 10th of October.”

Park Jin-Young added that he would not introduce his companion in public. JYP hopes the media and the public will understand their decision. Therefore, the wedding that will be held will be very closed up.

JYP was first married in 1999 with Seo Yoon-Joong. Unfortunately, after 10 years of building a household, JYP decided to part with his wife at the time.