Get To Know The Leader-Maknae of Just B, Sangwoo

just b sangwoo

Check Out the Profile and Facts of Just B’s Tallest Maknae, Sangwoo

Since their debut on June 30, 2021, Just B caught the attention of Kpop fanatics. They ticked all the boxes needed to become idols such as excellent talents, handsome looks, and connection with a powerful entertainment agency. Just B was formed by Bluedot Entertainment, a subsidiary of Kakao M entertainment.

Just B lead dancer-maknae, Sangwoo immediately became a fan favorite. His dance moves attract fans, especially female fans. Sangwoo’s towering figure and broad shoulder made him stand out from other Just B members. He may be rather quiet but he loves to play tricks on other members.

Find out about his profile and facts in this article!

Just B’s Sangwoo’s Profile

just b sangwoo

Name                                  : Sangwoo

Birth name                         : Kim Sang-woo

Birthday                              : September 3, 2002

Birthplace                           : Jeju City

Nationality                         : Korean

Height                                 : 181.5 cm

Blood type                         : A

Personality                         : ENFP

Zodiac                                 : Virgo

Position                              : Maknae, lead dancer

Just B’s Sangwoo’s Facts

just b sangwoo
  • Sangwoo has three sisters but no brothers
  • Sangwoo is the third child
  • His father used to serve in Marine Corps
  • His favorite hobby is mixed martial arts and watching UFC
  • His nickname is the gorilla
  • His favorite color is sky blue
  • Sangwoo’s favorite food is yogurt. He said that when he eats yogurt, his sense becomes clearer
  • His personality changed from INFP to ENFP
  • He also loves eating ice cream
  • Sangwoo is very humble and sincere

  • Sangwoo is responsible for planning and directing choreography in his group
  • Sangwoo is the fourth member that was officially introduced
  • The all-white hairstyle looks best on him
  • Since he was born in Jeju, he can swim really well
  • He learned taekwondo when he was little
  • His favorite role model is Justin Bieber
  • Fans said that Sangwoo looks like NCT’s Johny
  • According to him, he is a very patient person
  • Sangwoo’s facial features are very distinct and his eyelashes are very long
  • His eye color is light brown
  • He is a very quiet guy and speaks very little but he loves to play around with other people

As a new group under the Bluedot Company, a sub-label of Kakao M, Just B has what takes the attention of k-pop fans. With their charming aegyos and singing-dancing talent, Just B can set a new trend of kpop culture.

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