Get To Know the Leader of Just B, Lim Jimin: Full Profile, Fun Facts, Pre-Debut Story, and More!

just b's jimin

Get To Know the All-Rounder Idol, JUST B’s Lim Jimin!

Are you a fan of K-pop groups? This thing might be something exciting for you- a new boy group named JUST B! They just debuted in June 2021, and the members consist of many talents and charms. Today, Channel Korea will inform you about one of the members; he is Lim Jimin! So, let’s get started!

Full Profile of JUST B’s Lim Jimin

just b's jimin

Birth Name: Lim Ji Min (임지민)

Stage Name: Lim Jimin (임지민)

Birth: Gimhae, Gyeongsangnam-do, South Korea, May 22, 2001

Zodiac Sign: Gemini

Nationality: Korean

Height: 181 cm

Weight: 59 kg

Blood Type: B

Position in Just B: Leader, Main Dancer, Lead Vocalist, Visual, Center

Occupation: Singer, Lyricist

Years Active: 2019 – present

Label: Play M Entertainment, Bluedot Entertainment (present)

Associated With: The Fan, PlayM BOYS, JUST B

Fun Facts About JUST B’s Lim Jimin That You Need To Know!

just b's jimin
  • Lim Jimin’s nickname is Jjim which he got from Beomgyu
  • Lim Jimin’s goal is to be a singer
  • Lim Jimin has a kind, cheerful, and optimistic personality
  • Lim Jimin’s specialties are dancing and singing
  • Lim Jimin loves to hang out with friends
  • Lim Jimin got a compliment from BTS’ Jimin after performing the “Blood Sweat & Tears” dance
  • Lim Jimin is close to THE BOYZ’s New since they were in the same company
  • Lim Jimin made his solo debut in 2019 by releasing the single “Mini”
  • Lim Jimin once became an MC for SBS’ Inkigayo from June to October 2019

JUST B’s Lim Jimin’s Ideal Type

just b's jimin

The ideal type of our favorite idol is something important, right? It is the same with JUST B’s Lim Jimin since the fans are curious about his ideal type! Unfortunately, he hasn’t revealed it yet, but we will know about it sometime in the future. For now, let’s focus on his career path first!

The Story of JUST B’s Lim Jimin’s Pre-Debut

just b's jimin

Ever since a long time ago, Lim Jimin dreamed of becoming a singer. After a lot of struggle, Lim Jimin started his journey as a trainee in January 2017. Later on, he joined the survival show from SBS named The Fan and finished in 3rd place in 2019. A few years later, Lim Jimin was announced as an upcoming member of JUST B (formerly known as PlayM Boys or Fave Boys).

Debut as a JUST B

just b's jimin

Jimin was the second member to be revealed for the lineup of an upcoming boy group named JUST B. Later on, he made his debut with the other five members on June 30, 2021, by releasing the group’s first mini-album Just Burn.

From the album, they chose “Damage” as its title track! In the group, Lim Jimin is in charge as the leader, lead vocalist, main dancer, and visual as well. We can call him an all-rounder idol, right?

just b group

Luckily, JUST B’s debut was welcomed by the fans, and they started to draw attention. Even the music video for “Damage” already has 13 million views since its first release! They also held a showcase named “Just Burn Fan Showcase” in July 2021.

JUST B’s Lim Jimin’s Alluring Focus Fancams!

just b's jimin

Check out these amazing focus fancams of JUST B’s Lim Jimin:

During the “Damage” performance on Simply K-Pop, Lim Jimin accentuated his charisma very well! With the silk outfit and the platinum blonde hair, Lim Jimin’s appearance is beyond amazing. Another thing that we like about his performance is his facial expression since he is very immersed in it!

JUST B’s members including Jimin showed a great performance on SBS’ Inkigayo! Lim Jimin looks as powerful as ever, not to mention that his milky skin looks fabulous in a green outfit, right? We can’t ever get enough of his energetic dance moves!

Everything about Lim Jimin is just fantastic. It is no wonder he could become a leader and the group’s visual at the same time! Well, do you also think that Lim Jimin is a good leader with a perfect visual? Leave a comment down below, and don’t forget to share this article on your social media!