Get to Know Kim Junsu (JYJ): Profile, Songs, Plastic Surgery, Hairstyle, and Album List

Junsu’s Album List

After having a prominent place as a singer in a boy band in the South Korean music industry, Junsu decided to debut his solo career and has released a number of albums. Check out the list below about all of his albums from 2012 until the most recent one!

Tarantallegra (2012)

Tarantallegra is the first Korean solo studio album by Kim Junsu. The album was released on May 14, 2012. It was the first album he released as a solo artist under the stage name XIA, and the album became one of the highest selling solo albums in 2012 on the Gaon chart.

Check outthe list below for the track list of the album!

Title Lyrics Music Arranger Length
“Sunset” Xia Xia 1:15
“Tarantallegra” (feat. Flowsik) JUNO Xia Xia 4:16
“Set Me Free” (feat. Bizzy) Xia, Fraktal Xia, Fraktal Fraktal 3:37
“No Gain” Kim Jaejoong Kim Jaejoong Kwon Bin-ki 3:49
“사랑이 싫다구요” (I Don’t Like Love) Jung Hye-sung Jung Hye-sung Jung Hye-sung 3:43
“돌고 돌아도” (Around and Around) JUNO Xia, Kim Sae-jin Xia, Kim Sae-jin 3:40
“Intoxication” Xia Xia Xia 3:56
“Breath” (feat. Double K) Xia Xia Xia 3:23
“알면서도” (Even Though I Already Know) Kim Sae-jin Kim Sae-jin, PJ PJ 3:36
“Lullaby” (feat. Gaeko of Dynamic Duo) Xia, Fraktal Xia Fraktal 4:48
“Fever” Xia, JUNO Xeno, Jedi Xeno 3:49
“이슬을 머금은 나무” (The Tree Covered In Dew) Xia Xia Sung Jung-jin 5:01

Incredible (2013)

Incredible is the second Korean solo studio album by the JYJ member Kim Junsu also known as XIA. The genre of the album is Pop, R&B, dance. The album was released digitally and physically on July 15, 2013. On the same day MelOn TV and LOEN Entertainment streamed his live showcase, the latter via YouTube and uStream.

Title Lyrics Music Length
“No Reason” Kim Tae-wan Kim Tae-wan 3:36
“Rainy Eyes” Kim Ji-hyang XIA, Gwon Bin-gi 3:16
“미안 Mian” (Sorry) Hee Jang-nim, Lee Cheol Hee Jang-nim, 2JAJA 4:27
“Chocolate Girl” Kim Bag-sa, Oh Hyun-ju Kim Bag-sa 3:08
“Incredible (Feat. Quincy Combs)” XIA, Bruce ‘Automatic’ Vanderveer Bruce ‘Automatic’ Vanderveer 3:18
“나 지금 고백한다 (Feat. 길미) Na jigeum gobaekhanda (Feat. Gilmi)” (I’m Confessing Now) XIA XIA, Park Il 3:22
“가지마 Gajima” (Don’t Go) JUNO, J.Kimb Hee Jang-nim, 2JAJA 4:13
“Turn It Up (Feat. Dok2)” JUNO, XIA Fraktal 3:23
“Fantasy” Park Il, Kim Tae-wan Park Il, Kim Tae-wan 3:39
“이 노래 웃기지 (Narr. 붐) I norae utgiji (narrator: Boom)” (This Song Is Funny, Right?) XIA XIA 3:04
“사랑하나 봐 Saranghana bwa” (Seems Like Love) Jeon Hae-sung Jeon Hae-sung 3:28
“11시 그 적당함 11shi geu jeokdangham” (11am) Francis Francis 3:33

Flower (2015)

On March 3, 2015 Junsu released his third studio album Flower under the name XIA. The genre of the album is Pop, Dance, and Ballad. The album features artists such as Tablo, Dok2 and Naul from Brown Eyed Soul. The album debuted first place on Gaon Chart. On May 28, 20015, he revealed plans to release a special edition of the album. The special edition album includes a disco punk mix version of “X Song,” an instrumental of “Flower,” music videos, album jacket filming making video, a DVD including his interviews, and more than fifty previously unreleased photos.

Title Lyrics Music
“Reach” XIA Alex von Soos
“나비 Nabi” (Butterfly) JUNO, J.Kimb 2JAJA, Hoi Jang-nim
“꽃 Kkot” (Flower) XIA, Kim Tae-won, Tablo XIA
“나의 밤 Na-ui bam” (My Night) Naul Naul
“Out of Control” XIA, YDG Fraktal
“X Song” XIA XIA, Kwon Bin-gi
“License to Love” XIA, Lisa Desmond, Christian Fast, Henrik Goransson Lisa Desmond, Christian Fast, Henrik Goransson
“Musical in Life” XIA Hoi Jang-nim, Jeong Jae-yeop
“Love You More” JUNO, J.Kimb Ben Earle
“F.L.P” XIA, Bruce Vanderveer, Ebony Cunningham Bruce Vanderveer, Ebony Cunningham
“Hello Hello” JUNO, J.Kimb XIA, Park Il
“그 말 참 밉다 Geu mal cham mibda” (Hateful Words) Seong Hyeon, Baek Mu-hyeon Seong Hyeon, Baek Mu-hyeon
“사랑숨 Sarangsum” (Breath of Love) Kim Ji-hyang Melodesign


Xignature (2016)

Xignature is the fourth studio album by South Korean singer Kim Junsu released under his stage name XIA on May 30, 2016. The album features artists The Quiett, Automatic, Crucial Star, and Paloalto. The genre of the album is Pop, EDM, and Ballad.

Title Lyrics Music Length
“Rock The World” (featuring The Quiett & Automatic) Xia The Vanderveers 3:58
“Sweet Melody” (featuring Ben) Xia Frakial 3:24
“This Love Shouldn’t Go Away” (이 사랑을 떠나가면 안돼요) Gaemi Gaemi 4:04
“Pretty” (예뻐) Xia, J.Kimb President, Kim Yoo Chan 3:57
“Fun Drive” ((FUN 드라이브) featuring Crucial Star) Xia, Kwon Bin Gi Xia, Kwon Bin Gi 3:35
“Break My Heart” Park Eun Woo Airwave Assassins 3:21
“Still” (여전히) Xia, J.Kimb President, Yoo Yeong Joon 3:57
“Magic Carpet” Xia Tonino Speciale, Michael Angelo, Michael Harwood 3:21
“Don’t Forget” (잊지는 마) Kim Se Jin, Yoda Kim Se Jin, Park Chan 3:45
“XITIZEN” (featuring Paloalto) Xia, Park Il Xia, Park Il 3:27
“You’re Irreplaceable” (다른 누구도 대신 못할 너) Jung Key Jung Key 4:24
“Tonight” President, Parking Lot Suran, Made By, Kaiser 3:57
“..Is You” Seonwoo Jungah, Realmeee Seonwoo Jungah 3:41

Kim Junsu’s OST

Junsu also has released a number of songs he sang for dramas. Here is a list of all his OSTs since 2010 until the most recent. Check it out!

Year Title Drama
2010 “君がいれば ~Beautiful Love~” Love Letter From Five Years Later
“悲しみのゆくえThe Whereabouts of Sadness” Beautiful Love
“Too Love” Sungkyunkwan Scandal
2011 “You Are So Beautiful” Scent Of A Woman
2012 “Love Is Like Snowflakes” The Innocent Man
“I Don’t Like Love” Rooftop Prince
2013 “Foolish Heart” The Fugitive of Joseon
“I Love You” Empress Ki
2014 “In The Time That I Love You” Mr. Back
2015 “The Time of You Has Passed” Six Flying Dragons
2016 “How Can I Love You?” Descendants of the Sun
“Lean on Me” Lucky Romance
“Road” ( 길) Night Light

Kim Junsu Awards and Nominations

During his career in the entertainment industry, he has achieved some prestigious awards and has been nominated for some awards not just as a singer but also as an actor. Check out the complete list of all Kim Junsu’s awards and nominations since 2010!

Year Awards Category Work Result
2010 4th The Musical Awards Best New Actor Mozart! Won
Most Popular Actor Won
16th Korea Musical Awards Best New Actor Won
Most Popular Actor Won
2010 Golden Ticket Awards Ticket Power Award – Musical Actor Won
2011 5th The Musical Awards Best Actor Tears of Heaven Nominated
Most Popular Actor Won
17th Korea Musical Awards Most Popular Actor Won
3rd Asia Jewelry Awards World K-POP Superstar Award Won
2011 Golden Ticket Awards Ticket Power Award – Musical Actor Mozart! & Tears of Heaven Nominated
2012 6th The Musical Awards Best Actor Elisabeth Nominated
Most Popular Actor Won
18th Korea Musical Awards Best Actor Won
Most Popular Actor Won
2012 Golden Ticket Awards Ticket Power Award – Musical Actor Won
Ticket Power Award – Local Concert Musician XIA 1st Asia Tour Concert In Seoul &
2012 XIA Ballad & Musical Concert with Orchestra
Popularity Award Won
2012 SFCC Awards
(The Seoul Foreign Correspondents’ Club Awards)
Raising Awareness of Korea Overseas – Singer Tarantallegra & XIA 1st World Tour Concert Won
2013 1st Yin Yue Tai V-Chart Awards Best Korean Male Artist Uncommitted Won
19th Korea Musical Awards Most Popular Star Elisabeth Won
2013 Golden Ticket Awards Ticket Power Award – Local Concert (Musician) XIA 2nd Asia Tour Concert INCREDIBLE &
2013 XIA Ballad & Musical Concert with Orchestra
Ticket Power Award – Musical Actor Elisabeth & December Nominated
Popularity Award Elisabeth & December Won