Ex-DAY6’s Junhyeok, Profile and Facts (Silent Treatment, Leaving Until Joining New Band)


Junhyeok and DAY6

Debuting with Day 6 on September 7, 2015, Junhyeok was the keyboardist and vocalist of the band. Junhyeok was one of the original members when the group still consisted of five members, and was still planning to debut under the name 5LIVE. Unfortunately, he is no longer a part of DAY6. Let’s take some time to learn more about Junhyeok and his career journey here.

Profile of Junhyeok, Former DAY6 Member

  • Birth Name: Im Junhyeok
  • Place, Date of Birth: South Korea, July 17, 1993
  • Height: 175 cm
  • Weight: 61 kg
  • Blood Type: O
  • Religion: N/A
  • Zodiac Sign: Cancer
  • Position: Keyboardist, Vocalist
  • Hobbies: GUNPLA, shopping, soccer, exercising
  • Specialties: Writing lyrics, composing music, arranging music
  • Instagram: @junhyeok93

Junhyeok Leaves DAY6 and JYP Entertainment


After debuting and participating in DAY6 for almost one year, Junhyeok left the group and JYP Entertainment. JYP Entertaiment announced Junhyeok’s departure through DAY6’s fancafe on February 27, 2016. The English translation of the official announcement is as follows:

Hi, this is JYP Entertainment.

Up until now, Junhyeok has been participating in activities as a member of DAY6, but he has officially withdrawn from the group and due to personal reasons, and his contract has been canceled. 

Please continue to support Junhyeok as he goes down a new path, along with DAY6 as they are currently preparing to meet fans with a new album.

Thank you.

It is stated that he had to leave because of personal reasons, but exactly what kind of personal reasons is not clearly explained. Many fans are speculating that Junhyeok left because of the controversy of him dating a fan, which blew up in 2015.

Around the end of 2015, there was a scandal involving Junhyeok and a fan with whom he flirted through his social media accounts, such as Facebook and Instagram. It was later said that they were actually dating, after screenshots of his flirtations emerged. JYP Entertainment is known for contracts that ban their rookies from dating for the first 3 years after their debut. If the dating rumors were true, then he breached his contract. But if they were not true, then he was forced to terminate the contract and leave because of pressure from media and netizens.

Junhyeok’s Last Performance with Day6, and Silent Treatment from Fans


Before JYP Entertainment officially announced Junhyeok’s departure, on January 31, 2016, DAY6 had a concert, and it was Junhyeok’s last time on stage with DAY6. Because Day6 fans suspected at that time that Junhyeok was dating a fan, during the concert, many of the fans gave him the silent treatment by only cheering for the other members. It can be seen that Junhyeok also shed his tears during the concert. Looks like he knew about his withdrawal beforehand. Watch Junhyeok’s last performance with DAY6, performing “Congratulations” below:

Junhyeok After Leaving Day6


On October 2017, Junhyeok was revealed as one of the contestant of KBS’s idol rebooting program, The Unit. He is a member of Unit B on the show. In one of the episode of The Unit, Junhyeok tearfully confessed that he was actually scared to make an another appearance in front of many people. But, he decided to participate in the show because of his love for music.

“The reason I considered not doing music at all was because I had started wondering why people were so scary. I was so scared of people that I couldn’t do anything. I can confidently say that I worried more than anyone here about appearing [on ‘The Unit’]. I can’t smile comfortably on stage. I feel like people are going to criticize me no matter what I do. I appeared on the show because I knew that I would continue making music, even just as a hobby, so I resolved that I would face it head-on before I get any older. I have never opened up about this before to anyone. Even my parents don’t know.” – Im Junhyeok

His decision to appear in front of the public again after what had happened shows that nothing can get in the way of his love for music. So, let’s appreciate him, and keep supporting Im Junhyeok!