Check Out BTS’ Jungkook’s Songs Cover Compilation!


Find Out More About Songs That Were Covered by Jungkook from BTS!

As we know, there are four vocalists in the rising-star group BTS. They are Jin, Jimin, V, and Jungkook. Between the four of them, Jungkook is the one who has covered songs more often than any of the others. With a soothing and mesmerizing voice he’s known for among the group’s fans, Jungkook has successfully reinterpreted the songs he covered and made fans fall deeper in love with him.

Do you want to know what songs he’s covered throughout the years? Let’s check it out!

Let’s Listen to BTS’s Jungkook’s Beautiful Voice In His Cover Song Compilation


Just as Jungkook, himself, said on BTS’s Twitter account a few years ago, he always looks through the content of the songs’ lyrics again and before he records it. He also added that if we, the listeners, looked up the meaning of the songs’ lyrics and listen to them again, we will can find the differences between the original song and his cover. Can we spot the differences, just like he said?

Let’s try and listen to the songs he has covered!

Lost Stars

The first song that he covered was a song titled Lost Stars, that was originally sung by Adam Levine. The song encourages youth to find they’re a purpose in living and their own existence in this world. With the acoustic instruments playing along in the background, we can hear Jungkook’s soft voice soothe our hearts. Here is the video of Jungkook’s cover of Lost Stars:

There have been many positive comments responding to his covers of various songs. Mainly the comments praise his beautiful voice and his English pronunciation. If we look back at Jungkook’s words on Twitter, do you think he successfully reinterpreted the song?

Paper Hearts

The second song that Jungkook covered is the song Paper Hearts, that was originally sung by Tori Kelly. The song itself tells us metaphorically that a heart can be broken, but still hope for love. Using his soothing voice, he can make everyone who listens to this cover just melt and fall deeper into his charms. Here is his cover of Paper Hearts.

What do you think about Jungkook’s reinterpretation of Tori Kelly’s Paper Hearts? Do you like the original version, his cover, or do you like them both?

Nothing Like Us

The next song that Jungkook covered is Nothing Like Us, sung by Justin Bieber. The song tells the story of someone who fights for the girl that pushes him away. Even though the lyrics seem quite painful, they’re also full of love for the girl. The song’s style fits Jungkook perfectly. Here is the song cover of Justin Bieber’s Nothing Like Us by Jungkook:

What do you think about Jungkook’s version of Justin Bieber’s Nothing Like Us? Do you like how Jungkook reinterpreted the song?

We Don’t Talk Anymore

We Don’t Talk Anymore is a breakup song that was originally performed by Charlie Puth. The song contains the story of someone who has gone through a breakup, and they never talked with their ex again. With his soft voice, Jungkook made us feel the song more intensely. In addition, he’s not covering the song alone, but as a duet with Jimin! With Jimin’s voice accompanying Jungkook’s in the song, it makes the song feel just right. Here is the cover of Charlie Puth’s We Don’t Talk Anymore by Jungkook and Jimin:

What do you think about Jungkook and Jimin’s cover of Charlie Puth’s We Don’t Talk Anymore? Are you mesmerized by their voices in the song?


Another song that Jungkook has covered is the popular soundtrack titled Beautiful, originally sung by Crush, from the popular fantasy drama Goblin. Even though he only covered half of the song, we can still enjoy listening to his stunning voice. Here is Jungkook’s cover of Crush’s Beautiful.

What do you think about Jungkook’s version of Crush’s Beautiful? Do you like his reinterpretation of the song?


The next cover he did is a song titled Breathe, originally sung by that singer with the powerful and unique voice, Lee Hi. The song was composed by the late Shinee member Jonghyun, and it was said that Jungkook covered the song as a tribute to him. The song contains a soothing message for anyone who is going through hardships in their life, cheering them by saying that it’s okay to take a breath for a while.

Jungkook delivers the song’s message in his cover, using a sweet, deep voice that’s full of emotion. Here is the song cover of Lee Hi’s Breathe.

What do you think of Jungkook’s cover for Lee Hi’s Breathe? Do you like how he reinterprets the emotional song?

Other Songs

Besides the songs mentioned before, Jungkook has done many other song covers. Among them is a cover of IU’s song titled Ending Scene. Jungkook is a big fan of IU, which makes us wonder how will he reinterpret his idol’s song. He didn’t make just one, he made two versions of this song cover:

He also covered another song of Justin Bieber’s, 2U. It’s another love song that was delivered with his sweet voice that makes anyone who listens to it melt. Here is his cover of Justin Bieber’s 2U:

Jungkook has done many more cover songs than the ones we’ve discussed in this article, so if you want to listen to them you can visit BTS’ Youtube account or BTS’ SoundCloud account!

What do you think about the songs that Jungkook has covered over the years? Do you think that he brings his own touch to the songs and he should do more covers?

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