Is It True That BTS’s Jungkook Has a Sister?

jungkook sister

The Truth About Jungkook’s Siblings You Must Read To Clarify!

Who are the siblings of BTS members is something that many people are curious about. What their siblings look like is something that has piqued the interest of the fans. They might have similarities with the BTS member. And of course, Jungkook is no exception!

Jungkook has beautiful features and charisma in his appearance. If he had a brother or sister, this could be something interesting to know. There’s some rumor that Jungkook has a sister after a picture circulated on the internet. However, it’s not true. Let’s find out if Jungkook really has a sister or not in this Channel-Korea article below. Keep reading!

BTS’s Jungkook Has No Sister

jungkook sister

In reality, Jungkook doesn’t have a sister. Since most BTS members have siblings, fans have been wondering whether Jungkook has been keeping his sister’s identity a secret from the public. Just to make it clear, Jungkook only has an older brother. The claims that he has a sister are not true. Now, you know BTS’s Jungkook doesn’t have a sister.

The members who have sisters are J-Hope, V, and RM. Their sisters are also stunning!

The Picture of Jungkook’s Beautiful Sister Is Photoshopped

jungkook sister

The rumor that Jungkook has a sister started after a picture of a girl quite similar to Jungkook appeared. The girl from the picture on the internet said to be Jungkook’s sister, looks real so it went viral. The truth is that it is just a picture of Jungkook that was edited with Photoshop for him to look like a girl.

Digital technology has been improving and getting better day by day which is mostly helping people’s problems. However, there are also many people who use this technology to make something not genuine. This false information could be leading to something different, we can never know the impact. On this photo editing might only give an entertaining side for BTS’s fans, but we never know how far it will impact if it’s about something sensitive.

Nobody presumed that was just a fan-made picture at the beginning, it looked completely real. Look at this photo! Are you being tricked too, at first? Nevertheless, if Jungkook had a sister, she might have looked like this picture.

The Real Jungkook Siblings: Jeon Jung-hyun

jungkook sister

Jungkook just has an older brother named Jeon Jung-hyun. He is the actual sibling of BTS’s Jungkook who rarely appears in public. So, there are some photos that have been shared of Jungkook’s brother, but it turned out it is actually a different person.

Here’s the photo of Jungkook with somebody who many people believed to be his older brother, but is actually not.

jungkook sister

This is Sungjin from DAY6, not his brother, Jeon Jung-hyun. They both have similar features, no doubt many people believe they are brothers.

jungkook sister

They look like the real brother!

jungkook sister

The true Junghyun rarely uploads his pictures on Instagram, however, here’s a photo of him with Jungkook when they’re doing a family outing. Jungkook’s brother has been deactivated from sharing his personal life but now only his digital drawing. Check out Jungkook’s Instagram for his personal activity!

That’s all about BTS’s Jungkook’s sister who is nonexistent in real life. Let’s support Jungkook and BTS in their career! What do you think about Jungkook’s Photoshopped sister? Kindly drop a line with your thoughts in the section below and share them on Twitter, too!