Get Curious About BTS’ Jungkook’s Girlfriend and His Dating Rumors Here!

jungkook girlfriends rumor

The Maknae of BTS and All of His Romantic Relationships That You Should Know!

BTS is becoming more and more popular with their music all over the world. In particular, they helped the K-pop wave be recognized in many countries. Nonetheless, each member has their own persona and strong fan base. Their dating rumors often build up curiosity among their fans, including Jungkook’s.

Jungkook is the youngest member of the boy group BTS. His relationships rise to the spotlight, whether they’re just a rumor or not. Let’s check out BTS’ Jungkook’s girlfriend or any dating rumor here in this Channel-Korea article below! Stay tuned!

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BTS’ Jungkook Talks About His Ex-Girlfriends

jungkook girlfriends rumor

Jungkook has shared his experience in dating on an episode of BTS’s early variety show, America Hustle Life. In episode 5, Jungkook admitted to dating a girl, but he couldn’t meet her for 200 days, so they decided to break up.

He expressed that his relationship started when he was young, and it looks like it was not a real relationship. Jungkook said his relationship back then before BTS’ days was considered a joke. They just said “Let’s go out” but didn’t really meet up. It is also said that he didn’t experience real love before.

BTS’ Jungkook’s Ideal Type Is Singer IU

jungkook girlfriends rumor

Jungkook explained that he likes a woman that can cook, is smart, has beautiful legs, is kind, and is good at singing. About his physical type, Jungkook said he likes women with a height of around 168 cm or smaller. Jungkook also described that he wants his girl to be as competitive as he is. However, Jungkook is still single.

jungkook girlfriends rumor
jungkook girlfriends rumor

Jungkook revealed that his ideal type is the solo singer IU. In several interviews or variety shows, he keeps saying the same things about his ideal type, IU. Moreover, he even fanboys during IU’s performances.

BTS’ Jungkook’s List of Dating Rumors and Girlfriends

jungkook girlfriends rumor

Being a successful idol group member, Jungkook’s girlfriends or dating rumors become anticipated. Here are all of the rumors that involve Jungkook being in a relationship before his debut until after his debut. Check it out below!

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Jungkook and Park Se-won’s Dating Rumor

jungkook girlfriends rumor

Before his debut, Jungkook had a rumored relationship with Park Se-won, his fellow classmate. Besides, some pictures assumed to have spotted them as a couple circulated online.

jungkook girlfriends rumor

Many people allegedly said it’s true, but the photo that showed the kissing scene never really clearly looked like Jungkook.

jungkook girlfriends rumor

This news has never been confirmed. However, later, people found out that the man in the photo is someone else.

Jungkook and Minji’s Dating Rumor

jungkook rumored girlfriend

Jungkook was also rumored to be with a girl named Minji. It began because Jungkook and Minji have a selfie together that was uploaded to Minji’s Twitter account. Rumor has it that Jungkook’s tattoo was supposed to be his name, J, and Minji’s name, M.

Jungkook and DIA’s Jung Chae-yeon

jungkook girlfriends rumor

The rumor between Jungkook and Jung Chae-yeon, a member of the K-pop girl group DIA, started because she matches Jungkook’s ideal type of woman, particularly her incredible singing talent and long dark hair.

Jungkook and Ko Seo-hyun

jungkook girlfriends rumor

Since 2014, Jungkook also allegedly had relations with Ko So-hyun as stated by fans since they found out about the Instagram account that showed them dating. Ko Seo-hyun at that time was a Cube Entertainment trainee. There’s also information about their nicknames Mochi and Cookie that was spread over the Internet. However, there is no confirmation about this relationship.

Other Unconfirmed Girlfriends: Jungkook and Lisa, Jungkook and Yein, Etc.

jungkook girlfriends rumor

Besides these relationship rumors, Jungkook has been gossiped to have a relationship with BLACKPINK’s Lisa as they were spotted together multiple times. Then, he was also rumored to be with Jeong Ye-in or Yein, a member of the girl group Lovelyz. There is also a rumor that Jungkook is dating TWICE’s Nayeon. There is no confirmation about all of these relationship rumors after all, so it is assumed that fans just made all of them up. What do you think?

That’s all about BTS’ Jungkook’s possible girlfriends and relationship rumors. Which one do you think could be true? Put your comments below, and share them on Twitter, too! Don’t forget to always support Jungkook and his career with BTS along the way.