K-Drama Throwback: Take a Look at Jung Yong-hwa and Park Shin-hye’s Romantic Moments in ‘Heartstrings’

Press Conferences

Even though they don’t seem to interact, they do compliment each other during the press conference.

Real Life Relationship Status?

Dating Rumor

The Yong-Shin couple has been known even before Heartstrings, that is another Korean drama You’re Beautiful. Although the couple in that drama didn’t have a happy ending, it seemed like Heartstrings could be a wish come true for the shippers of the couple. Their closeness off-screen was seen as a sign of their relationship in real life.


During the press conference, held on June 23rd, 2011, the media teased Yong-hwa about his relationship with Park Shin-hye. As cited by Soompi, Yong-hwa answered that they’re close friends and that he felt comfortable around her just like when he’s with his male friends. Park Shin-hye also replied she liked Yong-hwa as a friend and not like a boyfriend. “It’s because he’s type A [blood type],” she joked. She added that she had been rumored to be dating Jang Geun-suk as well (from the previous drama) and that was all because they’re close friends.

Two years after that, the rumors came up again. Park Shin-hye made a declaration through SBS One Night TV Entertainment on February 20th, 2013. When she was asked again about her relationship with Yong-hwa, she said she hadn’t seen him since the fan meeting a year before and that she could say confidently that the rumor was false.


However, the rumor was brought up again when Yong-hwa was a guest in Radio Star in March 2014. He cleared things up by restating that they were just friends. He also mentioned that Park Shin-hye attended CNBlue’s concerts many times too in the past when his mother also came. Park Shin-hye greeted Yong-hwa’s mother but people mistook that she was close with his parents.

Current Relationship

The most recent update of them is when Park Shin-hye still showed her support for Yong-hwa and Min-hyuk, her fellow cast members. On June 5th, 2017, Park Shin-hye revealed that she attended CNBlue’s concert. She cherished the moment by posting a picture on her Instagram account with CNBlue’s members. It’s refreshing to see her keep in touch with her co-stars!


We bet many of you are still wishing that the rumor turns out to be true. From the explanations, given both of them, they have both firmly denied the rumors and have kept saying that they’re only friends. Well, who says friends can’t support each other right? Although there’s also a possibility in the future about them. Let’s just wish them all the best!