K-Drama Throwback: Take a Look at Jung Yong-hwa and Park Shin-hye’s Romantic Moments in ‘Heartstrings’

Episode #13 – Jealous

The next day, The Stupid and Windflower successfully make a performance and celebrate it. They are having fun including Shin who is seemingly taking pictures with some girls. Gyu-won who notices it then flirts with some guys to make him jealous. Shin then tells her not to hang out with any other guys because he is jealous.

Episode #13 – Before the performance 2

Before a big performance, Shin looks for Gyu-won to tell her about his nervousness. He is worried that no one will like the performance. She then comforts him the same way he did before by holding his cheeks and saying, “Tell the audience, ‘You have fallen for me.'”

Episode #14 – Backstage hug


After the musical performance, Shin immediately heads to the backstage and hugs Gyu-won, letting her cry on his shoulder.

Episode #14 – Ice cream date


Shin and Gyu-won are having another ice cream date. Shin frosts her nose with cream for not progressing in her gayageum practice. She takes revenge but ends up dirtying his clothes.


They then go to a department store to buy Shin new clothes before getting a call from their friends.

Episode #14 – Almost kiss


Gyu-won gets kicked out so she decides to stay at Shin’s house. He then shows her his room and his dad’s album. He approaches closer to kiss her but when he is just millimeters away, they get interrupted by Shin’s sister.

Episode #15 – The breakup

Gyu-won refuses to leave Shin when he gets his wrist injured. Yet Shin insists her to leave by breaking up with her so she can pursue her dream in London. He also gives the teddy bear charm back to her while holding up his own pain of not telling her the truth about his coming up wrist surgery.

Episode #15 – The reunion

A year later, Seok-hyun makes a project where Shin and Gyu-won will be brought together. After a lot of consideration, Shin rejects the offer and pushes Gyu-won away. She then notices the reason for the break-up and has the reason to hate him. After a while, Gyu-won takes a walk and finds herself remembering all the moments with Shin along the way. She stops when she sees Shin on the other side. They realize they both are doing the same thing, reminiscing about their relationship. Shin takes the first move and hugs her which then leads to the final kiss.

Off-Screen Moments

We can see Shin’s and Gyu-won’s chemistry in Heartstrings and slowly get drowned in their interaction in the drama. How about their interaction off-screen?


On June 27th, 2011, they were invited to be guests in the Radio MBC Youn-ha’s Starry Night. They look cute while taking selfies together!

Behind The Scenes

In the making of the official posters, Yong-hwa and Shin-hye look comfortable with each other. They don’t seem awkward at all and pose naturally.

They share touches of laughter when they fail to act something. They laugh for several times in the first kiss scene. In the car, Yong-hwa also fails to pull the seatbelt and makes Shin-hye laugh.

We can see their interactions in the video above when the production team made a birthday surprise for Yong-hwa. Shin-hye revealed that she herself prepared a cake for him. Yong-hwa said he felt a bit disappointed when she didn’t which him a happy birthday (before the surprise). He smiled a lot when interacting with Shin-hye. Even when she and the others hit him hard, he seemed to enjoy and just smiled.

Look at them shyly make the last kiss scene! Yong-hwa can’t stand but laugh and Shin-hye hit him.