K-Drama Throwback: Take a Look at Jung Yong-hwa and Park Shin-hye’s Romantic Moments in ‘Heartstrings’

Episode #8 – Shin waiting for Gyu-won


If before Gyu-won seemed to be waiting for Shin in front of his house, now it’s Shin that waits for her in front of her house. He makes excuses too, like wanting to know about her grandpa being mad. They go to university together as Shin’s bike is still at the campus due to his impulsive act taking a bus with her the night before.

Episode #8 – Drunk Gyu-won


One of the most popular scenes is when Gyu-won gets drunk. She saves Shin from drinking because he can’t drink, calling herself the Black Rose (female version of Black Horse) but then gets drunk herself. Shin finds her on the stairwell and drunkenly blurts out “It’s Lee Shin! The one that I like, Lee Shin!” It continues until Shin carries her home on his back while listening to her complain about him always appearing when she wants to forget him.

Episode #8 – Hospital


Gyu-won falls off the stair after getting a birthday surprise from her friends. Actually, she falls right after Shin says happy birthday to her and ends up being hospitalized. Shin, feeling responsible for what happens, takes good care of her and stays by her side.


The next day, Shin asks Gyu-won to teach him about Korean traditional music. Little does she know that it is only an excuse he makes to listen to her voice. He only focuses on her talking instead of what she says so she has to repeat the lessons many times.


Shin is also caught dozing off during her explanation.

Episode #8-9 – Shin tells Gyu-won not to stop liking him

At the end of episode 8, Shin tells Gyu-won not to stop liking him. It makes her shocked because he says that out of the blue, followed by the sounds of fireworks behind them. Later, at the beginning of episode 9, Gyu-won asks him if he has feelings for her and he doesn’t give her the answer immediately. That makes her think that he doesn’t like her.

Episode #9 – Camping Trip


During the camping trip, Gyu-won and Shin are sent to buy fruit for dinner so they go to the market to get cheap prices. They get separated when Gyu-won stops by to a store to by a soothing patch for her aching ribs from when she fell down before. Shin turns around and can’t find her which makes him worried that she may be hurt or something. When he finds her looking just fine after buying watermelons at a cheap price, he gets irritated.


Another scene catches them staring at each other for a long time when Shin tries to check on Gyu-won’s injured ankle. Seems like Shin wants to say something by calling her name first but gets interrupted by Bo-woon.

At night, Shin and Gyu-won can’t sleep and meet each other in the way. They decide to go out together and look at the night sky. They have a talk about not being able to see shooting stars and what their wishes will be if they see any. Gyu-won, who doesn’t want to tell Shin about her wish, gets annoyed when he doesn’t want to tell her his wish too. Yet, Shin holds her hand and tells her that he wishes she would like him again.

Episode #10 – First day of dating

The next day after the ‘shooting-star wish’ night, Shin is waiting for Gyu-won in front of her house with a smile on his face. After getting out and surprised by his presence, Gyu-won shyly takes his hand when he offers it to her but only to find out that he’s asking for her bag. But in the end, as their hands keep bumping into each other, he tells her to hold hands with him while they are walking.

The next thing they do on their date is eat ice cream together! Although some girls accidentally look at them angrily and make Shin uncomfortable, he tells her about his concern regarding the possibilities of her getting hurt if the girls start spreading rumors about them dating. But Gyu-won takes it as an idea for not doing anything together in case of getting caught.

Episode #10 – Making up


Shin makes up for the misunderstanding earlier and Gyu-won understands and agrees about keeping their relationship down low. They then listen to music and spend the afternoon together.

Episode #10 – Bicycle


The next morning, Shin takes Gyu-won to school by riding a bicycle. This time he brings a frog cushion on her seat and asks her to hold on tight around his waist, not just his bag!

Episode #10 – Playing the guitar


Gyu-won is getting a private lesson to learn to play the guitar from Shin. They mention how the girls keep picking on her so she ties her hair up tightly. Shin tries to comfort her by saying he’s on her side then leans in, trying to kiss her, but gets interrupted by Bo-woon who suddenly comes in.

Episode #10 – Before the performance

While preparing for the performance for the sponsors, Gyu-won finds herself getting nervous and freaking out. Shin then holds both of her cheeks and comforts her.

Episode #10 – First kiss

Shin has a performance with his band The Stupid. He stops playing the moment he sees Gyu-won comes in. He then picks an acoustic guitar and sings a ballad romantic song for her. After that, he asks her to step closer to the stage and he bends knees so they can face each other closer. Shin, by initiative, kisses Gyu-won in front of the crowd, leaving the girl confused as ever.

Episode #11 – Forehead kiss from Shin


Shin takes Gyu-won home and gives her a forehead kiss before saying goodnight to her.

Episode #11 – Museum date

They spend another date to a 3D painting museum and have a lot of fun together with Shin probably being the best at making funny poses!

Episode #11 – Getting away from campus!


The situation on campus gets out of control because someone clearly wants to hurt Gyu-won through spreading false rumors as long as she keeps being in the musical. Seok-hyun, who knows about the situation, asks Shin to take Gyu-won for the day to avoid any circumstances at the campus. Shin accepts immediately and borrows his car and calls Gyu-won without telling her the real reason.


They take this “get away” to spend the day together. They talk about their deceased parent while holding hands.


Gyu-won realizes something is going on when she gets to check her phone in Shin’s bag (after being taken by him). She wants to go back to campus but Shin won’t let her and says it will be over between them if she goes. She keeps going and he pulls her into a hug saying, “Lee Gyu-won. Please don’t go.”

Episode #12 – Couple Bear Charm


Gyu-won spots a teddy bear holding a gayageum when they are in an accessories store. She wants couple’s stuff but Shin doesn’t seem to like that idea.


Shin then comes back and brings a teddy bear holding an electric guitar and that gives them couple’s charms to put on their phones.

Episode #12 – Hug


Shin is looking for Gyu-won, who is actually on the rooftop crying. Not finding any clues, he goes to the broadcasting studio and goes over the campus loudspeaker and starts singing for her. When he finds her, he makes her promise to never go off without telling him or to cry without him around. He then hugs her and cheers her up.

Episode #12 – “Punishment”


One night, on a campus-sleep-over arranged by the musical team, the girls decide to look for ghosts while the boys want to surprise them by being the ghosts. Gyu-won, who suddenly gets a text from her grandpa, finds herself being left by the girls. She is scared and tries calling the girls out in the dark when suddenly someone pulls her out. It was definitely Shin and he is mad because she didn’t tell him where she was going like she promised. He then gives her a “punishment” by kissing her cheek.

Shin gives her a back hug and she silently accepts it. They get to share their moment at night and wish for the performances to go well.

Episode #13 – Forehead kiss 2


Shin is walking Gyu-won home but she says that her legs are tired. He tells her to sit down a bit and starts massaging her legs. Gyu-won then takes the initiative to kiss his forehead and immediately changes the subject to the stars in the sky.