K-Drama Throwback: Take a Look at Jung Yong-hwa and Park Shin-hye’s Romantic Moments in ‘Heartstrings’


Let’s Take a Look at the Yong-Shin Couple!

If you have watched the famous K-Drama Heartstrings, you must be familiar with the famous couple, Yong-Shin (shortened from Yong-hwa and Shin-hye). The two artists actually met while working on their previous drama, You’re Beautiful, in 2009 and were then reunited in Heartstrings, in 2011. Their chemistry was well built through the drama that fans started to think they had a real-life relationship too. Was it true though? Channel-Korea will bring back the memories from Heartstrings and also provide information about their relationship!

Romantic Moments in Heartstrings

About The Drama


Heartstrings was one of the most popular Korean dramas in 2011. It was aired from June 29th, 2011 to August 18th, 2011, at 09:55 p.m. KST. The drama previously was titled Festival but then MBC made a contest to rename the drama and received around 4,000 Korean names. They finally picked 넌 내게 반했어 (Neon Naege Banhaesseo/You’ve Fallen For Me) for the Korean title and Heartstrings for the English title.



Lee Shin (Jung Yong-hwa), a college student of Modern Korean Music, and Lee Gyu-won (Park Shin-hye), a college student of Traditional Korean Music, do not have a good impression of one another in the beginning. Gyu-won doesn’t get why Shin is so popular until she is forced to watch a concert with her friends, who are fans of The Stupid (Shin’s band). That is the first time she sees the live performance and feels fascinated by him immediately.

Gyu-won decides to join the performance for the upcoming 100th anniversary of the university. She then draws the attention with her, talent especially from Kim Seok-hyun (Song Chang-eui), a Broadway composer-turned-music director. She competes with Han Hee-joo (Kim Yoon-hye) who is the spoiled daughter of the chairman to get the role of the main character. Yet Gyu-won lost to her because Hee-joo previously bribed the judges. Shin also joins the musical because of his crush on the dancer professor, Jung Yoon-soo (So Yi-hyun), who is also the choreographer of the musical. Gyu-won and Shin then start to spend more time together and grow feelings for each other.


The attention towards Gyu-won is also given by Hee-joo’s mother because she fears the talented girl will outshine her daughter. In order to destroy Gyu-won’s image and force her to quit the performance, Hee-joo’s mother makes a plan with Im Tae-joon (Lee Jung-heon), one of the university’s administrators. Later, Shin works with Suk-hyun to clear Gyu-won’s name. Meanwhile, Joon-hee (Kang Min-hyuk) has to struggle between his feelings for Hee-joo and helping his friends as she threatens their college lives.

Hee-joo is found to be suffering from vocal chord infection. Gyu-won then is given the chance to take the leading role and go on stage. Instead, the kind-hearted girl chooses to let Hee-joo go on stage and sing for her from the backstage. When the media figures out about the actual singer, Gyu-won is offered to go overseas and record an album. Even so, she has to choose between her dreams and love.

Roles in the Drama and Romantic Scenes

Lee Gyu-won was born in a prestigious musical family. She is a gayageum (Korean traditional instrument) player and a leader of Windflower. She discovers her passion and works hard to pursue her dreams. Meanwhile, Lee Shin is a singer-guitarist and the leader of a band called The Stupid. He is known for his good looks and talent. He has a good heart but is really good at hiding it so people only look at his cold and distant side. Both of the students have very different characteristics but after some time are able to understand each other. There are many moments of the couple in the drama that may not be all lovey-dovey but surely build their relationship to a new level!

Episode #1 – A little fight


They don’t really leave a good impression on one another right from the beginning. One of the most memorable moments is when they fight over the money they get from the fund-raising show to pay the hospital bill of their professor. Shin suddenly happens not to be able to come and perform so Gyu-won takes his place as a vocalist. The professor doesn’t make it and on her funeral, Shin decides to give the money that the band got from the performance to Gyu-won. Yet surely, Gyu-won refuses and they just harshly pass the envelope to each other.

Episode #2 – Rock vs. Gukak


It all continued when Gyu-won and Shin had a showdown performance to prove who is better. It was won by Lee Shin’s band because Gyu-won’s gayageum’s string suddenly broke. The night after the showdown, they unintentionally spend the night together because their friends just left them alone. They have a talk about the previous showdown. Shin then apologizes to Gyu-won for his absence the other day.

Episode #2 – Gyu-won sees Lee Shin’s live performance


At first, Gyu-won looks at the bad side of Shin but she then realizes of his good side. This is when she sees him perform with his band The Stupid. She is caught mesmerized by his performance.

Episode #3 – Reflection Essays


The showdown becomes a hot topic in the university that also brings the couple to the professor’s office. They are given a punishment and should them write reflection essays about what happened. They are told to read each other’s essay. Yet seems like they don’t really take the punishment seriously.

Episode #3 – Cleaning The Theatre


Not succeeding with the punishment essays, the professor decides to give them a new type of punishment, that is to clean the theatre room which turns out to be a mess. But, the consequence of the loser has to be forcefully accepted by Gyu-won, that is to become Shin’s slave girl. Shin then tells her to clean it up by herself, he also makes her wear ridiculous costumes but gets bored anyway.


Gyu-won trips herself and falls down, making Shin take a look. Then suddenly the light goes off and when it comes back, they realize their faces are just centimeters away.

Episode #4 – Coffee

The days of being a slave girl still continue. In the morning, Shin tells Gyu-won to bring him a cappuccino. She later asks him to give her money back but doesn’t have the change. Shin just lets her have it all. He also asks a random question, “Do you sing well?” and before she can answer, he just dashes off.


The next day, Shin doesn’t show up so Gyu-won leaves the coffee at the usual place with a note, “This is Lee Shin’s coffee. I’ve spit in it.” Shin, who later finds the cup, just smiles while looking at it. He also refuses to share it with anyone.

Episode #4 – Bicycle

One day, Shin sees Gyu-won walking stumblingly due to her leg injury. So he offers her a ride on his bike. She doesn’t expect him to be nice and she ends up sitting on the back side. She then finds herself absorbed in her fantasy about her and Shin riding on his bike with hearts and rainbow. Little does she know that everyone stares at her when they arrive. When she opens her eyes, she gets glares from the crowd and realizes her hands are still hugging Shin.

Episode #5 – Notes


After the rehearsal, Shin finds the coffee is still in the same place like when he ignored it in the morning (and causing Gyu-won to get mad over it and declare that she’s done with the slave things). There’s a note attached, “Are you a training dog?” He is a bit pissed that she wants to leave it but on the second thought, he picks it up and drinks the cold coffee.


Later, he finds Gyu-won dozes off while waiting for a bus. He then has an idea to put a note on her forehead, “Beware of the dog! It’s fierce! Do not disturb!”

The next morning, Gyu-won finds the coffee cup still in the same place then gets annoyed and disappointed that she wants to throw it away. But then she realizes that the cup is still warm and there’s a note attaches on it addressing her name. There’s also something written, “Shin has spit in it,” which makes her smile.

Episode #6 – Rain Scene

Shin is still hurt by the rejection of Yoon-soo and madly just leaves the university. Gyu-won impulsively follows him and skips her practice day, causing her to get called and yelled from Seok-hyun, who asks her to get back to practice if she wants to stay for the musical. She gets shocked by the call, but it suddenly pours rain and drenches her and Shin. She still chases after Shin and ends up yelling at him how long he’s going to be like this. Shin yells back at her, tells her it’s over and that he has decided to give up. Then he leaves but turns back to get her gayageum from her hand to carry it for her. They then wait for the rain to stop in front of a store, sharing a silent moment together.

Episode #6 – Neighbours

The fact that Shin and Gyu-won become neighbors now bothers her because she doesn’t wear a decent outfit for the day. The next day, she peeks at the front of his house only to get caught by him opening the door. He seems confused by her presence and wonders if she has been waiting all morning. She makes excuses as she leaves but turns the wrong direction before she realizes and takes the right way.

Episode #6 – Last Day of Slave Contract

Gyu-won reminds Shin that it’s the last day of the slave contract. Shin almost lets it slide but then gets an idea about finding the necklace that he tossed in the field the other day (it was supposed to be given to Yoon-soo but since he got rejected he just threw it away). On the second thought, he takes it back and tells her not to look for it before leaving. Yet, she is determined to find it so she asks her friends to help her and search the whole field without knowing how the necklace looks like.

Episode #7 – “I’ll stop liking you from now on.


Gyu-won goes missing one night causing her friends to worry and ask Shin about her whereabouts when they pass by. Shin doesn’t know about her being at any place but reveals that she gets homesick because of the rain. As her friends go by, he finds out that Gyu-won has found the necklace by overhearing them. The day after, Gyu-won shows up and catches Shin at the park then immediately returns the necklace. Then she makes a sudden confession to him, “I’ve decided to do what you told me to do. I won’t care about who you like, or how much your heart hurts because of it. I’ll stop liking you from now on.”

Episode #7 – The way he looks at her


On a day of practice, as the Windflower are preparing themselves, Gyu-won stops for a second only to look at Shin. He catches her stare and she gives him a smile before resuming what she was doing. He then looks at her more often and longer.

Episode #7 – Shin follows Gyu-won taking a bus

After throwing up as a result of dancing right after eating too much, Gyu-won is finally going home. Shin walks her to the bus stop and wishes her luck for the audition tomorrow. As the bus arrives, Kyu-won says goodbye but rather than taking his bike, Shin decides to join her to the bus with an excuse, “I want to take the bus once in a while.”