Who Is Jung Woo-sung’s Wife? Check Out His Relationship Status and Dating History!

jung wo sung wife

The Hottest Bachelor of South Korea Currently Single or Married?

Jung Woo-sung is popular with the coolest bachelor eligible in South Korea. He is an actor who has been debuted in 1994 in the main role in The Fox with Nine Tails. Because of his height features, he started his career as a model first and then a breakthrough in his acting career.

His strong charisma and manly appearance have been glued to many people’s eyes. Hence, public and even international fans are curious to know his relationship status in real life. Has he married yet already? The short answer is no, he hasn’t. However, Jung Woo-sung has some dating rumors that are still somewhat mysterious. Check all Jung Woo-sung’s wife rumors, dating, relationship rumors here on this Channel-Korea below! Stay tuned!

Jung Woo-sung Married or Not: Currently No Wife

jung wo sung wife

Jung Woo-sung is still single. Yes, it’s correct but some people might raise their eyebrows to know this fact. Jung Woo-sung hasn’t a wife yet till this moment although he ever involved in some relationship rumors.

The most popular is when he dates Lee Ji-ah who is also a Korean actress. During his career, Jung Woo-sung was never connected to a negative scandal. However, the ever linked to trouble after Lee Ji-ah’s secret married controversy. Here’s the story below!

Jung Woo-sung Relationship: Dating Lee Ji-ah After Drama Athena: Goddess of War in 2011

jung wo sung wife

Jung Woo-sung is generally quite secret to announce his relationship in public. Long before his debut, he never announce whom he was dating. After all, he was finally caught by the media when he was dating Lee Ji-ah in the streets of Paris on March 11, 2011.

jung wo sung wife

Jung Woo-sung and Lee Ji-ah first met when they joined the drama Athena: Goddess of War. At that time, Lee Ji-ah was a rising actress after her acting in Beethoven Virus and The Legend. They were such a real prince charming and princess when they finally confirmed their relationship.

Jung Woo-sung even released an announcement that he admitted that he has friends that become his closest in heart after doing drama together. The most eligible and famous bachelor finally finds his love, however, their love story isn’t going smooth.

A month after, Jung Woo-sung ad Lee Ji-ah broke due to unforgettable circumstances. Lee Ji-ah’s past is suddenly revealed to the public which becomes a factor they can’t save their relationship.

Broke-up with Lee Ji-ah Due To Her Married Scandal

jung wo sung wife

Lee Ji-ah apparently is found out in the middle of a lawsuit divorce over assets and alimony with her secret ex-husband, Seo Taiji. Seo Taiji is a legendary South Korean pop singer, musician which the pioneer of K-Pop that exists now and also the fandom concept.

Lee Ji-ah and Seo Taiji met in the United States when she was studying there and met him because of acquaintances after his concert in the USA. They did a long-distance relationship, then decided to get married secretly. This news was shocking many people especially Seo Taiji and Boys have a huge strong fanbase, so the media took the spotlight on their case.

Jung Woo-sung wasn’t spoken any about her ex-girlfriend’s married case. After years, he then admitted his reason for not talking about his broken relationship was to relieve the burden on Lee Ji-ah. Jung Woo-sung didn’t want to make worse the situation at that time, so they decided to remain silent at that time.

Moreover, in 2012, Jung Woo-sung in MBC’s Knee Drop Guru told that he already knew Lee Ji-ah marriage status after their dating in France at that time.

Jung Woo-sung Relationship Rumor After Broke-up

jung wo sung wife

Jung Woo-sung got a dating rumor with Chinese actress, Zhang Zi-yi. They both worked together in the drama The Warriors and in advertisements together. They keep looking close to each other but they never mentioned their relationship status. So, it stays a rumor without any confirmation.

jung woo sung wife

Next, in one of the variety shows, Jung Woo-sung was implicit that he was ever in a relationship after the huge spotlight dating with Lee Ji-ah. Nonetheless, his partner and he dislike attention, despite they couldn’t spontaneously do everything.

In 2014 and 2015, the media also ever reported Jung Woo-sung with a girl that he met after a mutual friend. The media rumored the girl was keep appeared near his house in Samsung-dong, Seoul. Besides, there’s also a rumor he’d dated Korean- American in his 30’s, but, these all rumors weren’t confirmed and were always denied by his agency.

Jung Woo-sung Kids Rumor

jung wo sung wife

In his late 40’s, Jung Woo-sung is also got rumored about kids, whether he had kids or not. Till now, he doesn’t married yet and does not have any kids. However, Jung Woo-sung was appointed as the Goodwill Ambassador of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) which lead him to volunteer and donated to disadvantages in Africa, Nepal, Middle East. In this opportunity, he caught photographed with many lovely kids from various races and ethnicity. The kids revealed that they called Jung Woo-sung a pretty uncle.

Jung Woo-sung Ideal Type: Respect Each Other Space and Comfortable

jung wo sung wife

In his interviews in KBS’s Dolseung in 2020, Jung Woo-sung expressed that he likes someone who respects and is contented with each other. He prefers his partner to find comfortable both of them. He finds it difficult to find a love mate due to meeting up since he’s in the industry of spotlight. In conclusion, Jung Woo-sung tends to choose relationships behind the public eye.

Talking about love, Jung Woo-sung said that breaking up, move on is also part of love, because love is something mature and not about obsession. When he got asked about his dating, he said that love is always a need to do daily, please love. Such a mature gentleman! To know his activity, check Jung Woo-sung Instagram too!

That’s all about Jung Woo-sung wife rumor, dating history, kids rumor, etc. What do you learn from Jung Woo-sung’s love story? Put your comment and share your thoughts on Twitter too! Let’s support Jung Woo-sung in his love-career life!