‘Kingdom’ and ‘Bad Guys’ Actor Jung Suk-won: Profile, Drama List, Marriage, Etc.

Jung Suk-won and his Wife Bae Jiyoung


In 2011, a news outlet reported that Jung Suk-won is in a relationship with popular ballad singer Baek Ji-young. It was then revealed that the couple first met through his friends in June 2010 and started dating afterward. They had their first public appearance in February 2011 attending a musical performance. In June 2011, they announced their relationship.

Jung Suk-won admitted that he initially had a very different image of his then-girlfriend. But eventually, they got along and their 9-year age difference was not a big deal in their relationship. After being in a relationship for 2 years, they both decided to get married on June 2nd, 2013. Their wedding was held at the Grande Walkerhill Hotel in Gwangjin-gu, Seoul.

It was then reported by the news media in May 2013 that Baek Ji-young was 9 weeks pregnant prior to their wedding. A representative of Baek Ji-young’s agency, WS Entertainment, stated that after she discovered her pregnancy, she had been extra careful about her health. It was also reported that their honeymoon had to be postponed due to Baek Ji-young’s busy schedule and pregnancy.


Shortly after the news of Baek Ji-young’s pregnancy came out, Jung Suk-won made a surprise proposal during her concert in Jeonju city.

It was revealed by Jung Suk-won’s agency that the actor had been preparing for the proposal a week prior to the event. He even took an absence from filming his film to surprise his fiancée. In the middle of her concert, a video message from Jung Suk-won was shown, and then the proposal took place as he went up on stage and gave her flowers.

Jung Suk-won’s successfully made Baek Ji-young cry. Their special moment was also accompanied by the audience as they booed and shouted for them to kiss.


Unfortunately, a few weeks after Jung Suk-won and Baek Ji-young got married, the couple had to overcome a miserable miscarriage in 2013. Through that unfortunate moment, they stayed at each other’s side and healed together.

Four years into the marriage, the couple announced that Baek Ji-young was pregnant and is set to give birth on May 24th, 2017. Baek Ji-young then gave birth to her first daughter on May 22nd, 2017, as stated by her agency. Their baby girl weighed 3.5 kg and both were healthy. Their daughter is named Jung Ha-im.

In August 2017, through her Instagram, Baek Ji-young revealed the photo of her beautiful baby girl, Ha-im, for the first time to the public with the caption, “#Myfavorite #6/8.”

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#Myfavorite #6/8

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In the black-and-white picture, Jung Suk-won can be seen carefully hugging their baby girl in his arms while Baek Ji-young lies beside him.

After giving birth to her baby girl in May 2017, Baek Ji-young resumed her activities in the entertainment industry as she has made appearances in various variety shows.


Jung Suk-won’s Drug Scandal


On February 8th, 2018, Jung Suk-won was under the suspicion of using drugs, primarily cocaine and methamphetamine, during his stay in Australia and in result, was arrested at Incheon Airport. The reports stated that Jung Suk-won’s urine test showed that the actor had been using Philopon. Another test took by the National Forensic Service using the sample of his hair and urine also revealed similar results.

He was charged with drug use after he was detained at the police station during the initial investigation. The charge was taking consideration that this was Jung Suk-won’s first offense regarding drugs.

On February 9th, 2018, C-Jes Entertainment, Jung Suk-won’s agency stated that the actor acknowledged the allegations and sincerely cooperated with the investigation. Below is the full statement of C-Jes Entertainment:

“Jung Suk-won was investigated after it was discovered that he had used drugs. During the investigation process, Jung Suk-won admitted to the charges and sincerely cooperated with the investigation. Considering that this was his first offense, he has been released without detention. Jung Suk-won feels sorry to the many people he has disappointed because of the wrong choice he made, and he is deeply regretful about causing harm to his precious family. He will continue to sincerely cooperate with the remaining investigations, and he bows his head while deeply apologizing for arousing criticism.”

Since then, he has been released without detention since this is his first violation of the law in terms of drug use. He apologizes for his wrongdoing, especially after causing damage to his wife and daughter. He bowed his head as a sign of apology.

The day after the news reported that Jung Suk-won was arrested, Baek Ji-young opened up regarding the news. During her concert at Olympic Park in Seoul, the singer cried and talked about her husband’s recent methamphetamine scandal. She said that the next 24 hours within her husband’s arrest felt like 10 years. On behalf of her husband, she apologized and stated that they both will take time to reflect their remorse.

She also hopes that the public will forgive their mistakes and view them positively. Pondering upon their marriage vows commitments, she declares that she will love him no matter what. She made a speech on how she plans to stay by his side whether in difficult times, in happy times, for the rich or poor.

Below is her full speech about her husband during the concert:

“My husband has committed a grave error. As his wife, spouse, and companion, I am reflecting remorsefully [on his mistake] along with him.”

“I don’t know how long it will take, but sometime in the future, we will show you that we are living well together as a couple.”

“I thought back to the wedding vows that you make when you get married. As a wife who will love him no matter what, in difficult times, in happy times, for richer, for poorer; I plan to stay by his side. Please look upon us with forgiving eyes.”


Jung Suk-won’s Latest News

We can finally take another glance at Jung Suk-won and Baek Ji-young’s daughter!

On April 20th, 2020, Jung Suk-won’s wife, Baek Ji-young, posted several photos of her daughter’s praying hands on her Instagram with the hashtag: “#Yesterday #Online home worship #Heim’s praying hands #stayathome.”

In order to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus, Baek Ji-young recently revealed her daily life of watching online worship on TV and certified her participation in social distancing.

The released photo shows Baek Ji-young’s daughter, Haim, raising her hands and praying to bring the smile of the netizens. The netizens responded in a variety of ways, such as: “I love praying with a fern-like hand,” “I’m also in online worship,” and “Haim is good with a good heart.”

So, those are all the details that you need to know regarding actor Jung Suk-won. What do you think about him? Kindly share your thoughts in the comment box below!