Such a Cute Face! Did Jung So-min Get Plastic Surgery?

Here are some photos that netizens try to use to bring up her scandal and prove by comparing her past photo to the recent one that she got plastic surgery, let’s check them out!



Agency Ask So-min to Undergo Plastic Surgery, Here’s the Total Cost!


So-min was appearing on an episode of tvN’s talk show Life Bar, where she tells about her struggle towards Korean beauty standards. Hee-chul of Super Junior as one of the MC’s in the talk shows mention the subject when he asked So-min that looked a bit confused, “What is that you meant when you say you wanted to be called pretty?”


“I Received a lot of comments that I was deficient as an actress when it came to my appearance. I did not have a pretty face to start with and I visited a cosmetic surgeon at the suggestion of my agency. I was quoted  ₩23 million KRW (or$21.000 USD).”

She also showed and pointed to the parts of her face that have been done by the surgery such as the forehead, chin, jawline and her below cheeks to the MC.

So-min explained that back then she was still young, so she was scared and ran away crying because of it.


However So-min revealed that she actually regretted her decision to run away from the scene, she wants work done on her nose and in the other place too now.

Well as her fans let’s just support and respect So-min decision if she decided to do more surgeries in the future. We Hope all the best for you So-min!