Such a Cute Face! Did Jung So-min Get Plastic Surgery?

The Youthful Actress Jung So-min

Jung So-min is an actress that was born on March 16, 1989. She started her acting career fresh as a supporting character in a 2010 television series Bad Guy. Making her to become a female leading role in the next drama project Playful Kiss. This drama was an adaptation from a Japanese manga called Itazura na Kiss. Even thought the drama had low ratings in Korea it was really popular overseas, making Jung So-min’s acting career raise up as well.

She also has changed her talent agency two times; first was in 2013, she left Bloom Entertainment and joined SM Culture & Contents. And for the second time in 2017 So-min decided to join Jellyfish Entertainment.

Jung So-min Got Plastic Surgery?

As we all know, Korean beauty standards are really high, such as slim figures, small face, v shaped jaw, double eyelids, aegyo-sal (making the under eye bags look puffy), small lips, straight eyebrows, large eyes, and a flawless skin. People there tend to follow the standards and try to achieve to be good looking by plastic surgery. Not only normal citizens, many entertainment workers such as idols, actor and actress also follow the standards and undergo surgery to look more handsome and prettier than before.

One of those people is Jung So-min. This young and talented actress in 2012 got involved in a plastic surgery scandal for the first time. Remarkable weight loss had seemed to be the reason of where her plastic surgery scandal started from. So-min revealed on MBC FM4U’s Jung Yup’s Blue Night that she lost 10 kg of her weight over the past year and a half.

On April 13th she also tweets her feelings “I see that my plastic surgery rumors have been floating around the internet. It’s a crime to get a plastic surgery? It’s natural for a girl who wants to be prettier leave the people that get plastic surgery alone. It’s not like they committed a crime, only those who think ‘I don’t want to become prettier’ should be able to diss the artificial beauties. I didn’t have time to do plastic surgery. I was busy studying at school keke.”

Upon reading her post, many netizens replies commented, “I agree. Wanting to become pretty is a girl instinct.” And, “They probably just jealous because you’ve become much prettier.”