Short Hair vs Long Hair: Which Jung So-min Hairstyle Is Your Favorite?

Let’s Get Acquainted With The Talented and Beautiful South Korean Actress Jung So-min

Jung So-min was born on March 16th, 1989, in Seoul, South Korea. She is a South Korean actress who became increasingly known after playing the role of Hong Mo-nae in the SBS drama Bad Guy in 2010. After that, she played the leading role in the MBC drama Playful Kiss, or also known as Naughty Kiss, with actor and singer Kim Hyun-joong as Oh Ha-ni.

She studied ballet in elementary and middle school. In middle school, she also studied Korean traditional dance. She said that if she continued to dance, she would want to travel to other countries to spread traditional Korean dance. She attended the Korea National University of Arts. She is now under SM Culture & Contents, or also known as SM C&C, which is a South Korean advertising, production, travel and talent company under SM Entertainment. The company operates as a talent agency, television content production company, theatrical production company, and travel company.

In this article, Channel-Korea will show you Jung So-min’s best hairstyles between short and long. Which one is your favorite? Well, keep reading to make up your mind!

Jung So-min’s Long Hair
  • Long Wavy Hair

Long wavy hair with bangs makes her look very beautiful with an elegant impression.

  • Long straight hair

The beauty queen is here. In South Korea, there are many different hairstyles women wear, but we can all agree that the original beauties are the ones with long, straight, velvety black hair.

  • Long Red Hair
Kpop Profiles

This drastic change surprised everyone! The bold long red hair compliments her porcelain white skin so well and she reminds us of the little mermaid!

  • Braided hair
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Braided pigtails are the icon of young, energetic beauty. It’s hard to believe she is 28 years old with this style. While pigtails are cute, her one side braided hair gives off a sophisticated vibe.

  • Long Hair Without Bangs
Korea Dispatch

With long hair without bangs, Jung So-min looks beautiful with an adult impression.

Drama Appearances with Long Hair

  • In Playful Kiss as Oh Ha-ni
  • Jung So-min in JTBC’s Drama D-Day

Jung So-min’s Short Hair


Along with the huge success of the drama Father is Strange, actress Jung So-min’s got quite a great feedback from the viewers. Her beauty and the potential as an actress were highly praised even before the drama but with Father is Strange, she’s got an even wider variety of fans old and young, and got recognized as one of the most adorable actresses in their 20s.

In the drama, her character is as lovable as she is in her real life, and many women are envying her cute style. There are many that commented on how she looks great in her short bob haircut and it suits her well. So, let’s take a look Jung So-min with short hairstyles here!

  • Shoulder length hair
IDN Times
  • Choppy bang
IDN Times

This is a hairstyle on-trend at the moment. Many women bravely tried the style and cried themselves to sleep after how they failed themselves. When Jung So-min got the choppy bang though, her loveliness doubled in power!

  • Bleached hair
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Bleached hair on white skin can look washed out, but Jung So-min paired her hair with just enough color to flaunt her beauty.

  • Bob Styles with bangs

Short hair/bob hairstyle suits Jung So-min’s refreshing innocence so well, it should be her lifelong style. This hairstyle also makes her look extra younger!

  • Short Hair without bangs
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Short hair without bangs makes her look mature but also still gives the impression of innocent and cute.

Drama Appearance with short hair

  • In the 2016 drama Red Teacher
  • In the drama The Sound of Your Heart
  • In the drama My Father is Strange
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That was all the information about Jung So-min’s best hairstyles between short and long ones. Which one is your favorite? Please don’t forget to kindly share your thoughts in the comment section below!