You Shouldn’t Miss These 5 Dramas from Jung So-min!

Jung So-min in “Because This Is My First Life”

The next drama from Jung So-min that you have to watch is “Because This is My First Life.” This series tells you the story of a screenwriter named Yoon Ji-ho, who is portrayed by Jung So-min, who moved out of her family’s house after her brother and his wife moved into their house. Ji-ho tries to find a place to live, despite the fact that she had to struggle at work. She then met Nam Se-hee, played by Lee Min-ki, a guy who rents his place in order to get money to pay back his debts.

Before meeting and agreeing to live together, Yoon Ji-ho and Nam Se-hee only talk through chat. Because of their ambiguous names, the two don’t realize that they’re talking to their opposite genders. After living together for a while, Yoon Ji-ho and Nam Se-hee finally found out who they’re living with. Since Yoon Ji-ho really needs the place to live and Nam Se-hee really needs the money, the two decided to continue to live together, but instead of just being strangers, they get married.

The romantic development between Yoon Ji-ho and Nam Se-hee is really fun to watch. Their chemistry is really good, and the storyline is different from other couples from any drama.

Jung So-min in “Hundred Million Stars from the Sky”

This is another drama from Jung So-min where the drama is an adaptation from a Japanese drama. “Hundred Million Stars from the Sky” is a drama that was aired in Japan, and starred the famous Japanese actor Takuya Kimura. The role played by Takuya Kimura is portrayed by Seo In-guk in the Korean version, Kim Moo-young.

Kim Moo-young is an orphan who doesn’t really know about his past. He just lives how ever he wants, and he has a mysterious vibe. He doesn’t really trust people; instead, he seems manipulative to people around him. At the time, he’s involved with a police officer who happened to know about his past life as a kid. The police officer, Yoo Jin-guk, has a younger sister, Yoo Jin-kang, who is portrayed by Jung So-min.

There seemed to be something between Yoo Jin-kang and Kim Moo-young when they were kids, but Yoo Jin-guk doesn’t want the two of them to know that.

This drama is not only interesting to watch because of the thrilling storyline, but also because of the chemistry between Seo In-guk and Jung So-min. The bonding between them makes us attracted to their relationship.


That’s all the information that we have gathered about Jung So-min’s top 5 dramas. Even though we recommend these five dramas the most, it doesn’t mean that other dramas from Jung So-min are not interesting. These are only the “introduction” to Jung So-min, and if you’re attracted to her, she’s been in many other dramas that are as good as these.