You Shouldn’t Miss These 5 Dramas from Jung So-min!

jung somin

The Pretty and Talented Actress Jung So-min

If you’re a fan of Korean drama, then you might have heard about the actress that we’re going to talk about. This actress has been presented on Korean national TV since she was young, and her name also has raised due to her appearance in a popular Korean drama that made her popularity increase both domestically and internationally.

The actress is the pretty and talented Jung So-min!

Jung So-min was born on March 16, 1989, in Seoul, with the real name Kim Yoon-ji. She made her acting debut by appearing in a short film called “Worst Friends” in 2009 along with actors such as Kim Soo-hyun, Bae Hye-mi, Kim Eun-mi, etc. A year later, Jung So-min appeared in a drama called “Bad Guy” as Hang Mo-ne, and another drama called “Playful Kiss” as one of the main characters, Oh Ha-ni, along with Kim Hyun-joong from “Boys Before Flowers.”

jung somin

Along the way, Jung So-min also appeared in a lot of types of K-dramas, movies, and even sitcoms as well as one drama special. Jung So-min showed us her acting skills by playing roles from being a naive girl, a strong-willing girl, an athletic girl, a hot-headed girl, etc. She also starred in a lot of genres such as melodramas, comedy, and family. Indeed, Jung So-min is such a versatile and talented actress!

If you want to know more about her acting skills, why don’t we talk about top 5 dramas that she has appeared in? We guarantee that you won’t get bored watching these dramas. Scroll down to see the details!

Jung So-min in “Playful Kiss”

This series was a big hit drama for Jung So-min. She appeared in a drama called “Playful Kiss,” which aired on MBC in 2010, as the female main character, Oh Ha-ni. This drama is an adaptation of a famous drama from Japan, “Itazura Na Kiss,” which started as a manga and anime before becoming a live-action series.

The Korean version of “Itazura Na Kiss” had Jung So-min as Aihara Kotoko in the Japanese version. She is a bright, yet dumb student who falls in love with a cold-hearted genius, Irie Naoki, or Baek Seung-jo in the Korean version. The role Baek Seung-jo was played by Kim Hyung-joon, who made his name after appearing n the popular drama “Boys Before Flowers” in 2008.

Even though Oh Ha-ni and Baek Seung-jo’s personalities are totally different, as they get to know each other, the feelings between them start to grow. Oh Ha-ni never gives up on chasing Baek Seung-jo’s heart!

jung somin

People love this drama not only because of the interesting storyline, but also due to the amazing acting skill of both Jung So-min and Kim Hyung-joon. The series reached a wide audience not only inside Korea but also overseas. After appearing on the proram, Jung So-min’s name started to shine. Well done!

Jung So-min in “My Father is Strange”

Another popular series from Jung So-min is called “My Father is Strange,” a drama that aired on KBS in 2017. This drama tells a story about a family in Seoul where the main character is a man who has a wife and children, and a young man suddenly appears and says that he’s the man’s son.

Jung So-min’s character is called Byun Mi-young, the third child of the family. The character of Byun Mi-young is  girl who used to be a judo athlete and gained weight when she was a teenager. Byun Mi-young was bullied by her friend in high school, and it made her want to lose weight. As a female, Byun Mi-young doesn’t really care about her fashion style, and always goes with a simple look. She managed to get a job in Gabi Entertainment as an intern.

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Byun Mi-young has a romantic partner named Ahn Joong-hee, who is portrayed by Lee Joon. The two have great chemistry and make people’s hearts flutter just by seeing them together in the drama.

For your information, Jung So-min and Lee Joon were reported to be in a relationship after starring in this drama together. So happy for both of them!

Jung So-min in “Fix You”

The latest drama from Jung So-min, “Fix You,” tells a story about a musical actress named Woo-joo, who has a mental health issue and couldn’t hold back her anger despite her amazing achievements. She goes to a psychiatrist, Lee Shi-joon, to help her recover. The psychiatrist himself is focusing on healing the patient instead of just curing them. In order to fix Woo-joo, Lee Shi-joon tried to get closer to her and heal the pain from her past.

jung so min

The role of Lee Shi-joon is portrayed by Shin Ha-kyun.The role of the musical actress Woo-joo is portrayed by Jung So-min.

If we usually see her playing roles as a good, naive girl, this time, we can see the ’emotional’ side of Jung So-min as a temperamental musical actress.

In this drama, you can also learn about a mental health issue and how people who have that disorder suffer. Just like the words from Lee Shi-joon, people with a mental health issue are not crazy people, instead they’re just sick. And if they want to admit that they are sick, they can be healed.

A totally must-watch drama from Jung So-min, once again!