Here Are Some Weight Loss Tips from Actress Jung So-min!

Rising Star Jung So-min

Jung So-min, a rising actress that has been taking over screens across the nation, is known for her lovely and sweet appearance with a personality to match. Jung So-min has been booking jobs left and right as the leading actress. In dramas such as Playful Kiss and Because This Is My First Life, she portrays the typical role of a sweet and loving partner while still being supportive of their loved ones. What differs is her physical appearance as she has lost a total of 10 kg over the course of her career to gain confidence.

Her choice to go on a diet has earned her a more suiting image as an ideal Korean woman. Not only that, she is able to inspire others to go for their ideal figures while still staying healthy, unlike other diets that force people to starve themselves.

Do you want to know how she did it? Let’s take a look at Jung So-min and her journey to gaining confidence through healthy dieting!

Rise to Fame

Jung So-min jump-started her career with an appearance on the Korean drama Bad Guy as one of the supporting roles. Surprisingly, this drama garnered tons of positive feedback regarding her acting, thus leading her to her first starring role after only a year in the industry. Her role in the hit drama Playful Kiss, an adaptation of the Japanese manga of the same name, was definitely a blessing and a curse. It received mixed reviews domestically but was very popular internationally.

As her popularity rose, she decided to take a break from acting to focus on her studies. This break also marks the start of her physical evolution to the ideal figure she wanted. Returning after a year, Jung So-min laid low, and it was not until her role in the hit weekend drama My Father Is Strange that she once again regained the fame she used to have. Her relationship with co-star Lee Joon also boosted her public recognition and ratings.

In 2017, she starred in the TVN drama Because This Is My First Life, her most recent work to date. The drama started off quietly but slowly gained traction with viewers of all ages tuning in. Jung So-min’s role as the leading woman attracted viewers with her calm and composed yet naive character. This led to a building hype around her and her upcoming projects.

Healthily Earning Her Ideal Figure

During her one-year break from the entertainment industry, she lost a total of 10 kilograms after gaining that amount during the filming of Playful Kiss. She confessed on a radio show that she is now down to 42 kilograms, which is supposedly the ideal weight for her height. Moreover, she said that it took her so long because she did not want to do it unhealthily by starving herself but instead exercised and kept a consistent diet.

Jung So-min revealed that to lose and maintain her weight, she does various things to ensure that she is not hurting her metabolism and health in the long run. Her methods include consistent trips to a yoga class, acupuncture to support weight loss through alternative methods, and not eating excessively.

She stated that she does not support losing weight through surgery since the main goal of earning her ideal figure is not to only look pretty but also to stay healthy. She was referring to liposuction and fat grafting, which are well know procedures to lose weight in a quick, one-step process.

The actress also mentioned that she has to do this as part of her career as a public figure and so she can portray a wide array of roles in dramas and movies. She used to receive criticism for her physical attributes and found it highly disturbing, but now, she has found a way to channel those negative comments into constructive ones through exercising.

As seen above, the weight loss has definitely changed her image from the young, youthful candy heroine in Playful Kiss to the soft and womanly leading female in Because This Is My First Life. These tips have been effective in achieving Jung So-min’s goal, so are you interested in trying, too?