Interesting Story About Jung So-min and Her Boyfriend!

Jung So-min’s Ex-Boyfriends and Dating Rumors

The Ex, Yoon Hyun-min

Going back in time to April 2015, Jung So-min and Yoon Hyun-min, the South Korean actor, were announced as lovers by Yoon Hyun-min’s agency. They appeared as a lovely couple, which had been mocked by Jung Kyung-ho, an actor. They also took roles in the movie Drug Dealer together, as they always stayed together along this movie. It was made more obvious that there was something special between them.

Unfortunately, their relationship did not last longer than one year. Jung So-min and Yoon Hyun-min’s agencies confirmed their breakup and the reason for it at the end of 2015. The main reason they ended the relationship was the time they had to be together was becoming shorter and shorter, so much so that they wanted to live on their own, separately. They chose to be just good co-workers and best friends.

Dating Rumor with Kim Hyun-jung

As usual, people love to ship the main cast in a movie together. This also happened to Kim Hyun-jung, an actor, and Jung So-min, as their acting as a couple was very well done in the drama Playful Kiss. But there was no further information or evidence about their relationship. People finally concluded that this was just a rumor.

Tears to The “Ex”

In June, on the SBS variety show Running Man, Jung So-min appeared as the guest. She had to take a backpacking trip to England along with Yoo Jae-suk, Lee Kwang-soo, Ji Suk-jin, Lee Sang-yeob, and Lee Da-hee, while the others took a luxurious trip to Switzerland.

On their way in a bus, all of the backpacking members were playing music through their phones and singing along. When a medley of classic breakup ballads played, Jung So-min suddenly said, “Once, when a man that I liked was singing, I secretly recorded his voice and listened to it by myself later on.” Responding to this, a few moments later, the other members suddenly started tearing up. Jung So-min was asked if she was all right. She later turned to the camera and asked, “[Name redacted], are you doing well these days?

Jung So-min’s Thoughts About Relationships and Marriage

Jung So-min once shared her thoughts about relationships and marriage. In her drama Because This Is My First Life, where she co-starred Yoon Ji-ho, she acted as a coward in love. But she said that her real-life action for solving her obstacles in her love life were 180 degrees different from her character in the drama. She said, “When I date in real life, if there’s something that bothers me, I’m the type to talk it out through conversation,” said the actress. “I think everyone has a different way [of handling things].

On her view of marriage she said, “It continues to be the source of a lot of worries.” She quoted a line from her drama,  “There’s a line from ‘Because This Is My First Life’ that I remember: ‘Marriage should be between two adults.’ It made me think that I want to get married once I’m certain that I can take responsibility for someone else.” Obviously, she doesn’t want to rush to get married, but prepare for it carefully, first.

She also had once shared her ideal type in an interview for her drama Can We Get Married, in which she played as an adult woman. She said that her point of view on love started becoming more realistic after filming this drama.

Before that, she thought that it was fine to chase her dreams and find anyone, but now she wanted a man who grew up in a nice household, with nice parents. Also the man should be soft on the inside and understand her well.