Smart and Beautiful: Jung Ryeo-won Speaks English

jung ryeo won

Jung Ryeo-won The Korean-Australian Actress

Born on the 21st of January, 1981, Jung Ryeo-won started her career as member of a girl group called Chakra. She was discovered on Appeujong Street by Lee Sang-min who is a producer, song writer and television personality in 2000 while she was having summer vacation in Seoul, which therefore changed her life and career path. Chakra’s first album was released in the 2000s. In 2002 her morale was the lowest in her life; Ryeo-won said that sometimes she felt alienated from her fellow Koreans and uncomfortable with the sexy clothes for her stage costume. Sadly her group didn’t last long and finally disbanded in 2004.

Ryeo-won finally pursued her career as a full time actress. After 11 unsuccessful auditions that year, Ryeo-won said that she was doubting her decision as an actress. In 2005, she finally got some recognition by her acting in a cult vampire sitcom named Hello Fransesca then Ryeo-won made her breakthrough in a romantic comedy drama genre My Name Is Kim Sam-soon, the series received great ratings, up to 37% and 50% for the final episodes.

She once stopped doing her activities in 2015 after her drama Bubblegum with her co-star Lee Dong-wook but then she finally made a comeback in the entertainment industry in 2017 with a legal procedural drama Witch at Court. This year she was also playing in a black comedy film Gate.

There are many sources and information about one of her potential skills that could lead as a public figure, yup! It was her English ability. Lets find out how Ryeo-won could master and become really fluent with the global language English!

Jung Ryeo-won’s Fantastic English Skills!

Jung Ryeo-won was also known for her amazing English skill, oral as well as writing. Some reasons behind it are because in 1992 she immigrated to Brisbane, Australia with her family. The second out of three children, by that time she received discrimination in grade school, which made Ryeo-won eager and determined to become fluent in English.

Year by year passed, in junior high school she finally had adapted to the Australian way of life. After finishing her studies and graduating from MacGregor State High School, she entered Griffith University with a major in international business.

While Ryeo-won was an exchange student at Korea University from Griffith University in the 2000’s, at that time she was discovered by Lee Sang-min and was offered to be a member of a girl group Chakra.