Smart and Beautiful: Jung Ryeo-won Speaks English

Here is a video source that proves that Jung Ryeo-won isn’t just good at acting, but her English Skills are also incredible, let’s check it out below!


Positive Side That We Take From Jung Ryeo-won

jung ryeo won

No wonder she speaks English fluently right? From the information above, Jung Ryeo-won can be categorized as hard working, plus never giving up whenever she faced a problem or difficulties. She also tries to improve herself to be a better person, same goes to her English ability. She proved to all the people who once discriminated her in grade school back then that she is now capable and be able to speak English fluently.

I hope this article can be the source for you to be hard working as Jung Ryeo-won did towards her English skills, because always remember that your achievement will never betray your hard work yeorobun, waiting~!