Did Jung Ryeo-won Get Plastic Surgery? Here Are the Fascinating Facts!


Beautiful Actress Jung Ryeo-won

Jung Ryeo-won born January 21, 1981, in Seoul, South Korea. She’s a Korean-Australian actress and singer. Early in her career, she made her debut as a singer and joined the k-pop girl-group named ‘Chakra’. Later, she switched to being an actress and the first drama she starred in was Saxophone and Chapssaltteok in 2002. her first film role was a cameo in Emergency Act 19, at about the same time. 

Jung Ryeo Won

Chakra disbanded in 2004, giving Jung the opportunity to pursue acting full-time. After undergoing 11 unsuccessful auditions that year, she said she began to doubt her decision to become an actress. In 2005, she got her break with a role in the romantic comedy My Name Is Kim Sam-soon, with Hyun-bin. Jung Ryeo Won became very active in the film industry, and her latest film aired in February 2018, entitled Gate, and her latest drama was in July 2018, called Wok of Love.


Did Jung Ryeo-won Get Plastic Surgery? Here Are the Fascinating Facts!

Many people say that Jung Ryeo-won’s beauty is very natural, but it looks like there’s been a change in Ryeo-won’s face that’s attracted the public’s attention. The idea began to arise when photographs from Ryeo Won’s past were circulated in cyberspace. Reportedly, some people believe she underwent surgery on her eyelids. However, there are also many who believe any changes that people may be noticing are due to weight loss.


People’s surgery suspicions have been getting stronger when coupled with what appear to be significant differences in her face. The most evident change is that her face which now looks more mature than before. Many people believe that she had plastic surgery, and her operation failed, leaving her looking older than she did before.


Critics wonder how anyone can look at her and not think her face looks older, compared to the beginning of her debut. The picture above is a photo when Ryeo-won was with girl-group Chakra. And now you can see and compare between Jung Ryeo-won’s face now, versus how she looked when she first debuted.


As we can see from the picture above, Ryeo Won’s eyes seem very different, and look older and less prominent. So many people say that Jung Ryeo Won has an ugly face that moves differently since her surgery, making it look scary, but even though her face looks older, she is still very beautiful.