Profile of Korean Actress Jung Min-ah

Jung Min-ah is a South Korean actress who started her career starring in television dramas when she was just a six year old child. She has starred a good number of television dramas, and is still active now. She made her debut in 2002 starring as Park Ha-na in The Maengs’ Golden Era.

Jung Min-ah’s Profile

This cute little girl started her career as a child, but now she is all grown up already. Jung Min-ah is currently 24 years old. She was born on March 3, 1994 in South Korea, which means she was born in the year of dog and her star sign is Pisces. Her A blood type might indicate that she is a very organized person. According to DramaWiki, she went to Deokwon Girls’ High School that is located in Daegu, South Korea.

Jung Min-ah’s Career

Since 2002 she has been particularly active on Korean television dramas, starting with The Maengs’ Golden Era. In 2003, she was in both One Percent of Anything and Damo. In 2005, she showed her acting skills again in the television shows Fashion 70’s and That Woman. In 2007, she was in Time Between Dog and Wolf, and in 2008 she appeared on Women of the Sun. In 2010, she played a minor character, a schoolgirl, in Road No.1. There was a gap of two years in which she did not appear on screen. Her next role was not until she was in 2012’s Feast of the Gods. It seems that many of her television roles are minor characters. She often plays the younger version of an older character in dramas, but in the upcoming years, she could end up playing the main characters of any dramas she is in.

List of Jung Min-ah’s Dramas

Here is the complete list of Jung Min-ah’s dramas, including all of her roles since 2002. Check these out!

Year Title Roles Network
2013 I Can Hear Your Voice young Seo Do-yeon SBS
2012 Feast of the Gods young Go Joon-young MBC
2010 Road No. 1 Schoolgirl MBC
2008 Women of the Sun young Yoon Sa-wol KBS2
2007 Time Between Dog and Wolf young Ari MBC
2005 Magic Fighter Mir & Gaon Baek Jang-mi KBS2
Fashion 70’s young Han Kang-hee SBS
That Woman Jung Da-in SBS
2003 1% of Anything Child getting surgery MBC
Damo young Chae-ok MBC
2002 The Maengs’ Golden Era Park Ha-na MBC


Jung Min-ah’s Movies

Not only appearing on television, Jung Min-ah has made it onto the big screen. Here are three of her movies that have been released.

1. Hearty Paws (2006)

This movie was released on October 25, 2006 in South Korea. The genre of this movie was drama. This movie tells the story of an 11-year-old, Chan-yi, who is looking after his lovely younger sister So-yi, by himself ever since their mother left them. Chan-yi got a puppy for Soyi’s birthday, named Ma-eum (Hearty) and from then on this movie shows the big love of a pet towards his owner. In this movie, Jung Min-ah played a minor role as Sshideng.

2. Almost Love (2006)

Almost Love is romance genre film that was released on March 23, 2006 in South Korea. This movie tells the story of two best friends, Ji-Hwan and Dal-Rae, who grew up in the same neighborhood ever since they were young.  They always bicker, but deep inside they care a lot about each other. Things starts to change when they start dating another person, and then realize that they probably love each other as more than friends. In this movie, Jung Min-ah plays young Dal-rae.

3. Yesterday (2002)

This movie was released on June 13, 2002 in South Korea. This science fiction movie tells the story of what the world would be like in 2020 AD if Korea is suddenly plagued by a lot of brutal murders of top scientists. Whoever is performing the killings is apparently a highly-skilled paramilitary operative, who is familiar with government protocols and a wide array of military hardware. In this thrilling movie, Jung Min-ah plays young Hee-soo.