The Disgraced Jung Joon-young, Throwback to His ‘We Got Married’ Days with Jung Yoo-mi

Rumors About Jung Yoo-mi as One of Jung Joon-young’s Victims

Jung-Jung Couple

In the early part of 2019, the public had already heard the unpleasant news about Jung Joon-young. Sadly, it was reported that he was involved in the “Molka” case. For your information, Molka was one of the bad epidemics in South Korea where men were recording a woman secretly, whether it was from a hidden camera in a toilet, office, school, or a number of other places.

Jung Joon-young admitted that he was having sexual intercourse with around 10 different women, and he shared it through a group chat in Kakaotalk without any permission from any of those women. Rumors arose that Jung Yoo-mi was one of those 10 victims.

The news revealed that Jung Yoo-mi also involved in the case. The rumors were denied by Jung Yoo-mi’s agency, Star Camp 202. The agency also said that they would take legal action for all of those netizens who were spreading the rumor that Jung Yoo-mi was one of Jung Joon-young’s victims since the fake rumor was disgracing their artist’s image.

Fortunately, the case was already resolved and the reporter who spread the rumor said that the victims of Jung Joon-young’s case weren’t from celebrity circles, which meant Jung Yoo-mi was not one of the victims. Meanwhile, Jung Joon-young reportedly may be facing jail time for his part in the scandal. Jung Yoo-mi’s fans were very relieved that she wasn’t one of the victims and her reputation was restored.

Well, that was all of the details about Jung Joon-young and Jung Yoo-mi, and their virtual relationship on We Got Married!

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