The Disgraced Jung Joon-young, Throwback to His ‘We Got Married’ Days with Jung Yoo-mi

Their Goodbye

The last episode of We Got Married 4 was aired on May 31st, 2014. Overall, they had been husband and wife for almost nine months. Even though at first people mostly saw them acting like buddies with each other after a while people also saw them behaving like a couple.

In the final episode, they did their last mission. The last mission was to prepare for their farewell with their own style. They spent the last day of their life as a couple by drinking a lot of soju and laughing together. Jung Joon-young and Jung Yoo-mi also recalled the moments when their first met. Jung Joon-young even jokingly said that they were the best couple among all of those couples in We Got Married so far.

Jung-Jung Couple

They spent time trying to cheer each other up. Jung Joon-young said, “No matter where we meet… Let’s be happy and laugh together,“. He could be such a sweet person sometimes, right?

Jung Joon-young

Their Reunion After Their Virtual  Marriage Ended

Jung-Jung Couple

All of those shippers of the Jung-Jung Couple must’ve been extremely excited about Jung Joon-young and Jung Yoo-mi’s reunion! After leaving the variety show We Got Married a year and a half earlier, Jung Joon-young and Jung Yoo-mi surprised their fans with a picture of their reunion!

Through Jung Joon-young’s Instagram account, he posted a picture of himself with Jung Yoo-mi in a restaurant, where they were spending time together over dinner and taking pictures together!

Jung-Jung Couple

He wrote, “With a resident of my neighborhood“, for a caption on the picture with Jung Yoo-mi. Even though they weren’t working together anymore and had their own personal schedules since leaving the show, their friendship remained the same!