Composer Jung Jae-hyung: Life as a Maestro of Classical Music

Get to Know Korean Maestro of Classical Music, Jung Jae-hyung!

You must have heard about Korean famous pianist Yiruma, but did you know about another maestro from South Korea? The person we’re going to discuss in this article is none other than Jung Jae-hyung. He is a famous South Korean singer-songwriter, pianist, and composer of movie music. If you’re a fan of classical music, especially in piano, you have to check out his famous works, like Running, You Never Know, or La Mer. Jung Jae-hyung released his latest album in 2019, Avec Piano, a masterpiece you really should listen to.

In this article, Channel-Korea will be providing you all the information you need to know about Jung Jae-hyung, including his profile, discography, his love life, his activity in Instagram, and his most recent news! So, stay tuned!

Full Profile and Facts about Jung Jae-hyung

Name: Jung Jae-hyung (정재형)

Birthday: Seoul, January 12th, 1970

Genres: Ballad, Jazz

Instruments: Vocals, Piano

Years active: 1995 – present

Labels: Antenna Musich (1999 – present)

Website: jungjaehyung

Instagram: @jungjaehyung17

Interesting Facts About Jung Jae-hyung

  • He studied composition at the Music College of Hanyang University.
  • With college classmates, he created the K-pop band Basis.
  • On his @jaehyungjung17 Instagram account, he has more than 44.000 followers.
  • He was close to Uhm Jung-hwa, although she claimed that the two would never marry.
  • He made an appearance in IU’s music video Good Day.
  • On March 4th, 2012, Jung Jae-hyung hosted the music show Jung Jae-hyung & Lee Hyo-ri’s You and I at SBS, with the all-time top K-Pop star Lee Hyo-ri. He was a waiting room MC at the Immortal Songs contest, together with Moon Hee-joon and Hwang Chi-yeul.

Debut With Band BASIS

You’ll be surprised to know that the maestro of classical music joined a band! Well, it’s not a rock band, or anything hardcore, but more like a classic band that he created with his college-mates back when he was studying at Hanyang University’s College of Music in 1995. The band consisted of him as a singer, and his two other band-mates played the violin. They went with the name Basis (베이시스) as they made their debut in the K-pop industry. With the success of several titles over three albums, Basis had its heyday and gained popularity in Korea.

You can check out their live performance videos below:

Wow, Jung Jae-hyung look so young, right? But even back then, he was still an awesome singer who created great melodies!

Unfortunately, in 1999, the band split and Jung Jae-hyung went to France to attend the École Normale de Musique de Paris. He specialized in film music and piano performance during his stay in Paris and participated in four South Korean film productions.

The videos of Basis’ live performances that were uploaded recently on YouTube attract people’s attention. Many of them felt nostalgic when they watched the videos and here is what they had to say:

[+10] 김진우: Oh, I listened to this song a lot and cried. You may listen now

[+17] marine hodo: When Jung Jae-hyung was young, he looked like Park Seo-jun

[+5] 김연숙: It is an art. The song is so good. The mountain history of Korean pop music ♥. ♥

They might have disbanded a long time ago, but the music they created together still lives in the heart of their fans.

Breakthrough as a Solo Artist

He came back to Korea in 2008 and published his third album, For Jacqueline, six years after his last album, which he dedicated to the public. He published his regular album, Promenade, in April, 2009, and published the piano music album Le Petit Piano in 2010. It looks like Jung Jae-hyung’s career as a solo artist is more successful than when he was with Basis, and he’s produced many great pieces of music ever since he finished studying in France.

Here are some of his songs you should check out! The melodies are smooth and could be your lullaby.

For Jacqueline (2008):

Promenade (2009):

Le Petit Piano (2010):

Not only is he famous in Korea, he was even invited to hold a concert in Paris in 2006! The Korean Culture Center in France invited Jung Jae-hyung to attend a cultural event on the 120th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between the two nations. On June 21st, 2006, he performed a concert in Paris called Concert – Portrait de Jung Jae-hyung. He really is a source of pride for Koreans, with all of his achievements!

Jung Jae-hyung’s Love Life

Jung Jae-hyung is in his late 40s and still hasn’t married, or been involved in any dating scandals. Are you curious about his love life or, who’s he dating?

Back in 2011, MBC aired the 200th special episode for ‘Golden Fishery-Radio Star’ on August 24, which saw appearances from Lee Juk, John Park, and Jung Jae-hyung. Known for having close friendships with pretty female stars, Jung Jae-hyung was bombarded with questions about his relationships with them. Addressing the photo he recently took with BoA, he said, “I met her and had dinner through Uhm Jung-hwa. I met her only once, so I don’t really know her.” The MCs kept pestering Jung Jae-hyung over his female connections with celebrities, which ended up embarrassing the poor star. The MCs encouraged, “We are not interested in the already revealed women.”

When asked to select his potential wife from Uhm Jung-hwa, Lee Hyori, and BoA, Jung Jae-hyung answered: “I’d marry Uhm Jung-hwa.”

After watching this broadcast, netizens commented: “You two look perfect together,” “I wish you two would get married,” and “Jung Jae-hyung jjang!”

It sure looks like they are close friends, if he can pick her confidently like that as his potential wife, but is there anything more than friendship between them?

Uhm Jung-hwa paid a surprise visit to her brother, Uhm Tae-woong, and niece on the April 5, 2015, broadcast of KBS2 TV’s Superman Returns. Uhm Jung-hwa suddenly said to her brother as they sat down for a meal, “When I look at you, I understand I want to get married as well.” Uhm Tae-woong goes on to ask, “Did you meet any good Australian guys?” Uhm Jung-hwa shocked her brother by answering, “He was 26.”

Then Uhm Tae-woong says, “Do you not have to meet someone who is at least 40 years old? And what are you thinking of Jung Jae-hyung?” When Uhm Jung Hwa heard this, she put on a severe face and expressed her disapproval, joking, “What did you say?”

Ha, even her brother was teasing her! Let’s just hope for what’s best for both of them.

But not only with Uhm Jung-hwa, Jung Jae-hyung is also known to have an impressive female celebrity connection!

His close relationships are none other than with Uhm Jung-hwa, the “Sexy Queen.” For more than 15 years, they retained their relationship. He shared a lot of discussions on Twitter with Lee Hyori. His relationship with “World Star” BoA has also been built up lately. By posting an image of their red faces in a bar, they showed off their friendship.

Shin Min-ah is another unexpected friend. When she travels to Paris, where Jung Jae-hyung lives, they often go on journeys together for a photoshoot. He also shared an interesting connection with Model Jang Yoon-joo.

Netizens claimed, “Jung Jae-hyung’s birthday party will be as great as an awards ceremony,” “He’s so close to so many female stars … I’m so jealous,” “He’s Korea’s most envious guy,” as they expressed their envy.

Jung Jae-hyung’s Filmography

Not only is he a musician, but Jung Jae-hyung has also appeared in dramas, movies, and variety shows, as well!

Check out his filmography below:

Jung Jae-hyung’s Appearances in Dramas

Year Title Role
2015 Save the Family Ha Dae Ri
2015 TV Novel: In Still Green Days Chae Dan Sa
2013 Marry Him If You Dare Business tycoon Park Jong Hee
2013 The Queen’s Classroom Kang Jin Min
2013 Cruel Palace – War of Flowers [Jo Gi’s second son]
2012 Oh Ja Ryong is Coming Engineer Seong Soo
2011 I Live in Cheongdam-dong [Lee sang Yeob’s friend]
2011 Queen Insoo Ahn Yang Kun
2011 High Kick! The Revenge of the Short Legged Seo Yoon [Yoon Kye Sang’s junior]
2011 I Believe in Love [Mover employee]

Jung Jae-hyung’s Appearances in Movies

Year Title Role
2013 The Flu [Wedding Man]
2013 The Man and The Woman’s Inside Story [Soo Jeong’s friend]

Jung Jae-hyung’s Appearances in Variety Shows

Year Title Role
2019 Laborhood on Hire (Ep. 3) Guest
2018 Happy Together: Season 4 (Ep. 44) Guest
2018 Busted (Ep. 6) Guest
2018 Hyena on the Keyboard Main Host
2017 Hyena on the Keyboard: Pilot Main Host
2016 Carefree Travelers (Ep. 33-35) [Hawaii, United States] Guest
2016 Let’s Eat Dinner Together (Ep.60) Guest
2012 Jeong Jae Hyeong Lee Hyo Ri’s You & I Main Host
2010 Running Man (Ep. 88-89, 104) Guest
2005 Infinite Challenge (Ep. 247-248, 253-256, 262-263, 268-270, 283) Guest

Jung Jae-hyung’s Discography

Here is Jung Jae-hyung’s discography:

  • Le Petit Piano (2010)
  • Promenade (2009)
  • For Jacqueline (2008)
  • Seducing Mr. Perfect / Soundtrack (2006)
  • Princess Aurora / Soundtrack (2005)
  • Addicted / Soundtrack (2002)
  • Jung Jae-hyung 2 (2002)
  • Jung Jae-hyung 1 (1999)
  • Basis 3 (1997)
  • Basis 2 (1996)
  • Basis 1 (1995)