Funny Moments from Actor Jung Il-woo on ‘Running Man’

Jung Il-woo

Jung Il-woo’s Appearance on Running Man

South Korean actor, Jung Il-woo became one of guests for some episodes in the variety show Running Man. His first appearance was in Episode 242 which aired on April 12, 2015. He became one of the guests along with CN Blue’s Jung Yong-hwa and FT Island’s Lee Hong-gi. The missions in the episode was named “The Running Man Global Mission Tour” as the production team had gathered games submitted by fans from all over the world.

Jung Il-woo’s next appearance was in Episode 283 which aired on January 24, 2016. He became one of the players in the Korean All Star Team for a charity football event in Shanghai. Other members of the Korean All Star Team were football players Park Ji-sung, Lee Dong-guk, Jong Tae-se, Park So-yun, actor Song Joong-ki, and many others.

Jung Il-woo’s latest appearances were in Episode 289 and Episode 290 which aired on March 6th and March 13, 2016. The two episodes’ filming location was in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The main theme for the episodes was Running Man in Dubai. The other guest was actress Lee Da-hae.

Channel-Korea has compiled some funny moments of Jung Il-woo in Running Man, and here they are:

Competitive Spirit

In the beginning of the episode, the members were divided to Team of Three and Team of Seven. Jung Il-woo was chosen by Kim Jong-kook to join him in the Team of Three along with Lee Kwang-soo. The second game was the World Tour games which consisted of various games that are enjoyed around the world. Jung Il-woo became the player from the Team of Three. He played various kinds of game which were bottle fishing, zombie games, untying tangled earphones, and water gun all kill.

Through the series of games, Jung Il-woo’s expressions kept changing. He was smiling when he won, and he was annoyed when he lost the game. Yoo Jae-suk called him ‘il-hee il-bee’ (now glad, now sad) responded to his expressions and made everyone laughed. Jung Il-woo admitted that he was very competitive.

Hide and Seek

The final game was 3 vs 7 Bell Hide-and-seek. The Team of Three was the chaser and put some bells in their shoes. The Team of Three was happy while the Team of Seven was unhappy because the ringing bell was scary. The Team of Seven’s mission was to find English letters hidden in the building and spell out ‘Running Man’. The letters should be put together on the platform outside the building. The Team of Three’s mission was to eliminate the members of the Team of Seven.

Not long after the game started, Jung Il-woo chased Kang Gary and Jung Yong-hwa. Kim Jong-kook heard them and helped Il-woo surrounded Gary and Yong-hwa. Il-woo successfully removed Jong-hwa’s name tag and Jong-kook removed Gary’s name tag. Il-woo also managed to eliminate Song Ji-hyo and Ji Seok-jin. Jong-kook mentioned that Il-woo was trying really hard to win the game.

The other member of the Team of Three, Kim Jong-kook managed to remove Yoo Jae-suk’s and Haha’s name tag. The last member of the Team of Seven, Lee Hong-gi’s name tag was removed together by members of the Team of Three and they won the final game.

Skydiving in Dubai

The first mission after arriving in Dubai was to visit tourist attractions in Dubai. Each member could choose where to go and enjoy the places as they wanted. After completing their mission, they could move to other places. In each tourist attraction, there were stars which indicated how hard the mission would be. When the members successfully finished the mission, they would get a grasshopper stamp. If they got 10 stamps, they would stay at a luxurious resort. However, only five members could stay at the resort. The four members with the least stamps would sleep in an outdoor shelter in the desert.

Jung Il-woo chose to go skydiving as he had always wanted to try skydiving. The other members who chose skydiving were Kim Jong-kook and Lee Da-hae. After they arrived at the skydiving place, they had to sign an agreement regarding safety. Then they needed to measure their height and weight to ensure their safety. Not long after, they put on their gear, were briefed on safety instruction and were ready to skydive.

Kim Jong-kook, Jung Il-woo and Lee Da-hae started to board the plane to skydive. They were accompanied with trained instructors. Il-woo was the second jumper after Jong-kook. Il-woo looked calmed and excited when jumping off the plane. He smiled and gave off his charms, while flying at an altitude of 3962.4 m.

Kim Jong-kook, Jung Il-woo and Lee Da-hae got 10 stamps and got to sleep at an exclusive hotel in Dubai.