Before and After Comparison: Jung Il-woo’s Plastic Surgery Issue

One of the pictures used as evidence is the one above where a picture of Jung Il-woo was taken while he was having his makeup done. The picture highlights his sharp and prominent nose once again with emphasis on the contours of his nose that seem unnatural due to its smooth slope. It is also noted that the nose bridge is impeccably high around the eye area, which is uncommon for those of Asian descent. One thing that could be said about these pictures is that the close-up shot might have fooled speculators into thinking he has a sharper nose than he does as the pictures were taken from an angle that tends to emphasize the nose in general.

Recently, Jung Il-woo was seen at a public service activity as part of his mandatory service to the country. Late last year, he was enlisted in the alternative public service route because he was diagnosed with an illness that allowed for that choice. This new and chubbier look has highlighted more of his supposedly fake features such as his nose and eyes that are unchanged with his weight gain.

This is a very important thing to note about his nose. Most people that gain weight will have their facial features morph to accommodate their weight. This could be reflected in a less prominent nose bridge due to fat accumulating around the cheeks and under the eyes. Nonetheless, there is still no clear and hard evidence that Jung Il-woo did, in fact, go through any plastic surgery procedures.

Reception and Statement Against Rumors

The public and fans alike have come out to state that they do not believe in these rumors and that Jung Il-woo is proven to be a natural beauty. They attribute the changes in his facial features to weight loss at an early age and puberty that perfected his already charming features. Moreover, his looks did not change drastically as some do when going under the knife.

This point is then supplemented with the theory behind the sudden appearance of his eyelid folds. With consistent weight loss and puberty, there have been cases where monolid eyes might turn into slight double eyelids, but it is very rare. His fans have claimed that he is one of those blessed with this miracle. More so, his double eyelids sometimes disappear, coming and going depending on the angle and facial expression.

So, what do you think? Did Jung Il-woo go under the knife or was he blessed with puberty? Comment your thoughts down below.