Before and After Comparison: Jung Il-woo’s Plastic Surgery Issue

Flower Prince Jung Il-Woo

Jung Il-woo, the handsome actor most known for his roles in Flower Boy Ramen Shop and Cinderella and Four Knights, is certainly a charming and attractive individual. His sharp nose and monolid eyes are some of his most charming points, making hearts swoon left and right. His roles as leading males in numerous romantic comedy series also helped him gain a massive fanbase that supports him through thick or thin. Despite his dashing looks, there are always flaws that the public picks up on, and in his case, it seems to be plastic surgery allegations.

As mentioned before, the points that make him charming are also the most suspicious ones according to the public. After past pictures started surfacing online, some even dating back to his middle school and high school days, people started speculating online that he received plastic surgery to achieve his iconic look. So, let’s take a look at some of these allegations.

Rumors Regarding Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery is a common practice in South Korea. It is embedded in their society as a quick way to achieve the physical attributes people desire. The most common of these procedures are eyelid and nose bridge surgery along with jaw shaving and fat grafting. These are a few of the procedures included in a wide variety of options, and supposedly, Jung Il-woo has become a part of this culture.

The pictures above pioneered this plastic surgery rumor when they surfaced in early 2012. They are pictures from Jung Il-woo’s yearbook taken in middle school and high school, and there are slight differences from how he looks now. In the first two pictures, it seems that his eyes were smaller and more slanted while his nose has always been prominent but seems sharper than before. This led to multiple speculations and analyses while people compared the pictures from his past and his current look.