Jung Ho-yeon’s Boyfriend: Her Love Story, Thoughts on Relationships, Etc.

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Jung Ho-yeon Has Been Dating Her Actor Boyfriend Since 2015

Model-turned-actress Jung Ho-yeon has gained a lot of attention with her acting debut through Squid Game. This has brought many people to get more curious about her, including her love life. She has even become one of the most-followed actresses on Instagram, and you can also check her out on @hoooooyeony!

No wonder, the moment Jung Ho-yeon revealed that she has had a long-time boyfriend named Lee Dong-hwi, everyone must have been very surprised yet happy for her. On many occasions, Jung Ho-yeon seems very comfortable and quite open about her relationship with her boyfriend.

In this article, Channel-Korea will explain to you everything about Jung Ho-yeon and who is her boyfriend, so keep on reading.

Jung Ho-yeon Confirmed to be Dating Actor Lee Dong-hwi in 2016

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Jung Ho-yeon and Lee Dong-hwi have been dating since 2015 and went public in January 2016. Jung Ho-yeon has also casually opened up about her love relationship in several interviews. She has no doubt mentioned her boyfriend Lee Dong-hwi and how he is very supportive every step of her career starting from her modeling and then shifting to acting.

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For those of you who still don’t know anything about Lee Dong-hwi, he is one of the actors and singers in South Korea. The actor gained huge recognition after starring in the drama Reply 1988, Pegasus Market, Radiant Office, Red Teacher, and many more.

Will Lee Dong-hwi be Jung Ho-yeon’s Husband?

Jung Ho Yeon and Lee Dong Hwi

Jung Ho-yeong and Lee Dong-hwi has been dating for years, people must be wondering if Lee Dong-hwi will propose Jung Ho-yeon soon? Unfortunately, as of now, both of them haven’t talked anything about getting married to the public. They could be preparing to tie the knot in the future, who knows?

But don’t worry, they surely will share the good news once they are ready to be wife and husband!

Jung Ho-yeon and Lee Dong-hwi’s Moments

jung ho yeon and lee dong hwi

As Jung Ho-yeon and Lee Dong-hwi have been dating since 2015, there must have been a bunch of special moments in their relationship. However, even though the couple decided to reveal their relationship to the public, there are always moments when they want to keep private.

jung ho yeon and lee dong hwi
jung ho yeon and lee dong hwi
jung ho yeon and lee dong hwi
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However, you can also take a look at the couple’s old pictures where they look as happy as now. Just like a common couple, we can see Lee Dong-hwi and Jung Ho-yeon spending time together; we can also see Lee Dong-hwi supporting Jung Ho-yeon on the runway, or simply walking together. How adorable!

Lee Dong-hwi Is a Supportive Boyfriend and Senior for Jung Ho-yeon

jung ho yeon and lee dong hwi

It seems like Jung Ho-yeon and Lee Dong-hwi’s relationship is very warm and full of love, not to mention the way Jung Ho-yeon looks very happy whenever she talks about Lee Dong-hwi. For her, Lee Dong-hwi isn’t just a supportive boyfriend, but he is a good sunbae (senior) to her when it comes to work.

Especially with the huge success of Squid Game, Jung Ho-yeon once said that her boyfriend has been very proud of her accomplishment. “[Lee Dong-hwi] has been super proud of me. Since we work in the same industry, he’s always a good senior, good friend, and good partner for me. He takes care of me as well, just like a father to me.”

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There was also one sweet moment when Jung Ho-yeon talked about Lee Dong-hwi. “When I’m overseas, Oppa says, ‘Just return home safely. Everything else doesn’t have to work and [it] doesn’t matter. All that matters is for you to return home safely.’ That made me tear up. Since there has always been an expectation, I was focusing on that. But Oppa just asked me to stay healthy and told me that it was okay if something didn’t work out.”

Jung Ho-yeon and Lee Dong-hwi have proven that Korean celebrities can have a strong and romantic relationship, despite their occupation and activities in the entertainment industry. We wish nothing but the best for the lovely couple!

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