Jung-Eun Ji Apink Profile: Age, Drama, Diet, Album and Etc


Apink Powerful Vocalist Jung Eunji

‘Eunji’ is a very common female name in South Korea, and refers to many celebrities in its entertainment industry. However, if you were going to relate the name to K-pop, the figure that will immediately come to mind is Eunji of girl group Apink, who debuted as their main vocalist in 2011. Known as the Apink member with the best public reputation, Eunji is certainly more than just the main vocalist of her group. Thus, in this article, Channel-Korea is going to explain everything about Apink’s Eunji to you, starting with her personal profile, her fun facts, her songs and solo album discography, her dramas and films, her Instagram feed, her short hairstyle, her shocking scandal with BTS V, and her popularity in South Korea. So, stay tuned!

Profile of Apink’s Eunji 2018


Real Name: Jung Eun Ji

Stage Name: Eunji

Birth Name: Jung Hye Rim

Nickname: Happy Virus, Miss Jung

Date of Birth: Haeundae, Busan, 18 August 1993

Age: 26 (Korean age) / 25 (International age)

Nationality: South Korean

Height: 162 cm

Weight: 48 kg

Blood Type: B

Religion: Christian

Zodiac Sign: Leo

Chinese Astrology: Rooster

Siblings: 1 (younger brother Jung Min Ki)

Position: Main vocalist, Face of the Group

Specialty: Vocals

Personality: Bright and optimistic

Training Time: 6 months

Agency: Plan A Entertainment

Education: Hapdo Kindergarten, Shinjae Elementary School, Jaesong Girls’ Middle School, Hyehwa Girls’ High School

Twitter: @Apinkjej

Instagram: @artist_eunji

Fun Facts You Have To Know About Apink’s Eunji:

  • Eunji’s original dream was to be a vocal coach.
  • Eunji is the only Apink member who did not appear on BEAST’s (now called HIGHLIGHT) ‘Beautiful’ music video.
  • Eunji’s impressive vocals have been complimented by many idols, such as Super Junior’s Heechul, 2AM’s Jinwoon, and Block B’s Taeil.
  • Eunji took two months of free Taekwondo lessons behind her mom’s back.
  • Eunji seldom sees her father because he works at a contractor company overseas.
  • Eunji confessed in an interview that her family was in a lot of debt, so when she was finally able to settle it entirely, Eunji cried and hugged her mother.
  • Eunji ran into her dad by chance at the airport on 27 April 2017, when she was flying to Los Angeles for a performance. Eunji’s father had just returned to Korea from his business trip. As a daughter, Eunji insisted on helping her father with his luggage, but her father insisted that he did not want to interrupt his daughter’s work, so he asked Eunji to check-in first. Eventually, Eunji did go to check-in first, but came back soon afterwards to help her father.  Shortly after that, the other five Apink members greeted Eunji’s father, and when the time came for Eunji and her father to part, both of them looked really reluctant.
  • Eunji’s first love was a boy from her school who sat behind her and had good grades in the school subjects.
  • Eunji had the stage fright due to trauma during childhood. At that time, Eunji’s teacher at school had told her to sing, but she could not memorize the lyrics, and her friends laughed at her. After getting a session of hypnosis therapy, which was recorded on the third and fourth episodes of Apink News Season 3, Eunji has regained her confidence and can sing on stage proudly.
  • On 28 September 2016, Eunji revealed that there are a lot of fans who call her ‘hyung’ or ‘oppa’ (terms which refer to an older man). On one of those occasions,  Eunji was in front of the Plan A Entertainment building when suddenly, a girl behind her called out “Eunji oppa!” Eunji assumed she misheard and kept walking, but the girl call Eunji ‘oppa’ again. As a result, Eunji turned her head and said, “Me?” and the girl replied, “Yes oppa.” Eunji then said, “But I am a girl” and the girl replied cooly, “Yes I know, oppa“. Lol, such a cheeky fan!
  • Eunji’s hobbies are imagining music videos, and playing the piano.
  • Eunji mentions singing all the time as her worst habit.
  • Eunji’s favorite number is 25.
  • Eunji’s favorite colors are blue, green, and red.
  • Eunji’s favorite food is meat, and anything her mother cooks.

Apink’s Eunji’s Songs and Solo Album Discography


Recognized as one of the most notable female vocalists in South Korea, it is obviously to be expected that Apink’s Eunji has sung many songs either by herself or with other artists. The genres of songs that Eunji has sung also vary, making her a great singer who is suited to any type of music. Therefore, Channel-Korea has compiled a list of songs by Eunji that you may want to listen to!


2012 – All For You (with Seo In Guk for the original soundtrack of tvN’s ‘Reply 1997’)

2012 – Just the Way We Love (with Seo In Guk for the original soundtrack of tvN’s ‘Reply 1997′)

2012 – Love Day (with BEAST/HIGHLIGHT’s Yoseob for the ‘A Cube For Season #Green’ album)

2013 – A Year Ago (with Apink’s Namjoo, and former BEAST member Jang Hyun Seung for the ‘A Cube For Season #White’ album)

2013 – One Minute Ago (with Kang Ho Dong for the original soundtrack of KBS’s ‘Barefooted Friends’)

2013 – Saving Santa (with EXO’s Suho for the original soundtrack of the ‘Saving Santa’ movie)

2013 – A Year Ago (with Apink’s Namjoo and former ‘BEAST’ member Jang Hyun Seung for the ‘A Cube for Season #White’ album)


2013 – Know We’re Going to Break Up (with solo singer Huh Gak for the ‘Little Giant’ album)

2013 – Short Hair (with solo singer Huh Gak for the ‘A Cube for Season #Blue’ album)

2013 – Fanta Time (with Lee Kwang Soo and former member of TEENTOP Niel for a ‘Fanta Time’ advertisement)

2014 – It’s You (the original soundtrack of SBS’s ‘Three Days’)

2014 – Break Up to Make Up (with solo singer Huh Gak for the ‘A Cube for Season #Sky-Blue’ album)

2016 – A Love Before (the original soundtrack of SBS’s ‘Entertainer’)

2016 – Ocean (with solo singer Huh Gak for the ‘Plan A’ First Episode’ album)

2017 – Your Garden (the original soundtrack of JTBC’s  ‘Strong Woman Do Bong Soon’)


In addition to singing for the original soundtrack of television dramas and film, and collaborating with other singers, Apink’s Eunji has also released two mini albums. The long wait for fans was over on 7 April 2016, when Plan A Entertainment announced that Eunji was going to release her first mini-album titled ‘Dream’ on 18 April 2016, and released the names of the remarkable composers and songwriters who were going to contribute to its tracks, such as Duble Sidekick, Long Candy, and Kim Eana. The album, with the promotional track ‘Hopefully Sky (featuring Harim)’, is co-written by Eunji herself, and included five other tracks, ‘Love is Like the Wind’, ‘It’s Okay’, ‘Home’, ‘Love Is’, and the piano version of ‘Hopefully Sky’. Eunji’s first solo release was considered successful as ‘Hopefully Sky (featuring Harim)’ topped the Korean music charts and peaked at third place on the Gaon Digital Chart, and the album sales reached more than 38,0000 copies.


Fast forward to the following year, Eunji released her second mini-album entitled ‘Space’ on 10 April 2017. Compared to the previous release, ‘Space’ has a greater variety of genres with tracks that are dominated by the guitar strums, and only contains five songs, the promotional track ‘The Spring (featuring Harim)’, ‘First Breakup (featuring Kwak Jin Eon)’, ‘Young Boy’, ‘The Moon of Seoul’, and the piano version of ‘The Spring). Here, you may listen to this uplifting track from Eunji’s second album entitled ‘Young Boy’, and you will definitely sing along because the upbeat tune is very catchy!

Get To Know the Diet Secrets of Apink’s Eunji’s


Just like the typical female idol group member, Apink Eunji also has to maintain her weight in order to look good in the front of the camera. Despite that fact, during her early days as a celebrity, Eunji had a difficult time watching her weight. Aren’t you curious to see what Eunji looked like, before her diet? Here you go!


Now, let’s look at Eunji’s current figure.


As you can see, compared to her old body shape, Eunji’s current figure is slimmer and more toned. On 18 August 2015, Eunji became the guest of the KBS game show ‘1 vs 100’ and revealed that she lost 15 kg before her debut, and her diet secret is mainly exercise and her new-found hobby, boxing. Eunji also stated that her current focus with regards to weight is to add muscle mass, hence her continuous meeting with a personal trainer. Well, we are sincerely happy that Eunji reached her ideal weight through exercise. Hopefully, Eunji will maintain her ideal weight with those kinds of healthy methods!

Apink’s Eunji’s Dramas, Films, and Musicals


Besides singing, Eunji is also known for her venture into the field of acting. As we know, Eunji began to shoot up in fame thanks to her unexpected acting gig in the first installment of tvN’s ‘Reply’ series in 2012, and is continuously named as one of the few idols-turned-actresses whose acting is great and (borrowing the netizens’ term) watchable. Therefore, Channel-Korea has compiled a list of Eunji’s acting jobs in television dramas, films, and musical dramas that you may want to check out!


2012 – tvN’s ‘Reply 1997’ (Lead Role as Sung Shi Won)

2012-2013 – the ‘Legally Blonde’ musical drama (Lead Role as Elle Woods)

2013 – SBS’s ‘That Winter, the Wind Blows’ (Supporting Role as Moon Hee Sun)

2013 – tvN’s ‘Reply 1994’ (Cameo as Sung Shi Won on episodes 16, 17, and 21)

2013 – the ‘Saving Santa’ animated movie (Dubber of the Lead Role ‘Shiny’)


2014 – KBS2’s ‘Trot Lovers’ (Lead Role as Choi Choon Hee)

2014 – the ‘Full House’ musical drama (Lead Role as Han Ji Eun)

2015 – KBS2’s ‘Cheer Up!’ (Lead Role as Kang Yeon Doo)

2017 – the ‘My Pet Ozzy’ animated movie (Dubber of the Lead Role ‘Carrie’)

2017 – JTBC’s ‘Untouchable’ (Supporting Role as Seo Yi Ra)

Apink’s Jung Eun Ji’s Instagram Feed


If we are gonna talk about K-pop idols and Instagram, Apink’s Eunji certainly cannot be excluded from the list as she is the first Apink member who made an Instagram account, and influenced other members to make one too. Naming her account ‘artist_eunji’, Eunji has gained a total of 1.4 million followers, and has uploaded 288 posts. Here are the top 10 posts from Eunji’s Instagram Feed that you must see!


In the first picture, which was posted on 2 December 2017, we can see Eunji leaning on a plain wall, with her mouth hanging open and pink dots which are actually light reflections. Eunji wrote a caption that suits her sulky pose: “I don’t want to talk to you today…. I will do other thing..??” and gave hashtags of her recent drama entitled ‘Untouchable’ which airs at 11 pm. What a good self-promoting actress!


In the second picture, which was posted on 12 December 2017, we can see the b-cut of Apink’s photoshoot for their latest concert Pink Space, in which Eunji wears astronaut attire while happily posing in a squat with her left hand raised. Eunji wrote the caption, ‘Hey friend, come here. Noona (the term a younger guy calls an older woman) will let you in on a secret. I am not a mean noona. Apink is having a concert. Hmm? You knew that already? Then, just keep walking. Bye. See you at the concert. Yes, this is not photoshopped. I really wore the suit (refering to the astronaut suit)’.


In the third picture, which was posted on 2 May 2017, Eunji took a mirror selfie with her rose gold iPhone, and wore a white inner shirt with a pale yellow sweater as outerwear, and looked kind of different with transparent glasses. Even without a caption, Eunji still looks as gorgeous as ever, don’t you think, dear readers?


In the fourth picture, which was posted on 25 June 2017, Eunji posed with a smile while showing the ear piercings on her left ear. In this post, Eunji put hashtags which are basically asking her fans how they are doing. Well, we obviously feel good to see your refreshing post, Eunji!


In the fifth picture, which was posted on 26 June 2017, Eunji calmly posed like a supermodel, showing the location of her photo shoot for ‘In Style’ magazine. In this post, Eunji wrote a short caption ‘Five’ which refers to the title track of Apink’s latest song.


In the sixth picture, which was posted on 7 July 2017, we can see Eunji sitting on a black chair while wearing a ribbon patterned blouse and reddish pink skirt. Even though she did not write a caption on this post, we can tell that this is the behind the scenes of a photoshoot Eunji took part in, right?


In the seventh picture, which was posted on 19 July 2017, Eunji took a mirror selfie with the youngest Apink member Hayoung of them leaning over and pouting their pink lips. On this post, Eunji wrote the caption, ‘This picture is unflattering for me but happy birthday to our magnae (the cute-ish way to say the term ‘maknae’ which means the youngest), keep healthy and be happier’. Aww, what a lovely friendship!


In the eight picture, which was posted on 26 August 2017, we can see Eunji’s aesthetic side, as she took a landscape photo while leaning on a grey bar in front of a beach. In this post, Eunji, who went for a black and white fashion style, simply put a jar of honey emoticon which refers to the term ‘kkuljaem’, meaning that Eunji had a lot of fun during the vacation she was taking at the time.


In the ninth picture which was posted on 19 September 2017, Eunji took a candid picture of herself while sitting on a green chair looking at a pond. In this post, Eunji wrote the caption, ‘Let’s put a bait in this picture with feets’. Uh oh, did she just compare her slender legs to a fishing rod? What a funny girl!


In the tenth picture, also the last picture of our top 10 of Eunji’s Instagram Feed, which was posted on 7 November 2017, Eunji showed off a picture from her childhood, in which she wore a pink and white sport suit, and had her brownish hair in pigtails. Eunji wrote a short caption ‘aegipink’  which is the combination of the word ‘aegi’ (baby) and her own group name ‘Apink’. Such an adorable photo don’t you think, dear readers?

Get Inspired by Apink’s Eunji’s Short Hair


Eunji looks fresh with a haircut for her television drama ‘Trot Lovers’. While its shape is mostly straight, Eunji’s black short hair is actually styled to look more voluminous, thanks to the help of a hair stylist.


Eunji becomes a high school student once again with her medium-length dark brown hair for her television drama ‘Cheer Up!’. We can see that the locks on Eunji’s straight hair are styled as if they are facing each other.


In the third picture, we can see Eunji’s medium-length hair in a lighter brownish shade. Unlike the previous picture, Eunji does not have any bangs because the front of her hair is long and can be swiped with the rest of her hair.


Lastly, Eunji has short hair in a dark brownish shade. We can see that Eunji let her hair fall naturally to her shoulders, while her bangs are long, almost touching her eyes.

Are BTS’s V and Apink’s Eunji Dating?


While this couple is considered perhaps one of the most random pairings ever been shipped by a shipper (people who want celebrities or fictional characters to be a real couple), we believe that both BTS’s V and Apink’s Eunji are linked only because of their stable popularity among Korean and international fans. As we know, BTS is the only Asian artist who won a Billboard Music Award, so it is to be expected that its members, including V, garners the interest of fans who like to ship their idol with either the same or opposite gender idols. As for our star in this article, Eunji, she is one of the most popular members of Apink, so it is inevitable that she will be shipped with many boy group members, including BTS’s V. Thus, we conclude that the rumor that BTS’s V and Apink’s Eunji are dating is nowhere near the truth, as their pairing is only created by the fans who ship them.

How Popular is Apink’s Eunji?


As has been emphasized several times inthe previous sections of this article, Eunji is deemed the most famous member of her group, as she often appears on variety shows, singing competition shows, and television dramas on both public and cable networks. Known as an easy going girl who always gives off positive vibes, Eunji is certainly likable so it is no wonder her fans are not only limited to Pink Pandas (the name of the Apink fan club) but also other groups’ fans, and the general public who do not even really know celebrities. Eunji is a down-to-earth hard worker, so she definitely deserves such a good reputation, don’t you think, dear readers?