About Jung Dong-hwan “The Heirs” : Profile, Movies, and TV Shows

jung dong hwan

Lee Min-ho’s Father in The Heirs, Jung¬†Dong-hwan

While watching dramas, people usually put most of their attention on the lead roles, but there are also other roles that make the drama even more exciting. The drama The Heirs¬†starring actor Lee Min-ho and actress Park Shin-hye was a big hit back in 2013. Not only were the lead roles well recognized, there was also a role that caught many people’s attention, and that is actor Jung Dong-hwan, who played the role of Lee Min-ho’s father. Let’s find out more about the senior actor Jung Dong-hwan below!

Jung Dong-hwan’s Full Profile 2018

Jung Dong hwan

Full Name : Jung Dong-hwan

Birth Date : August 5, 1949

Age : 68 years old

Birth Place : Gimje, North Jeolla Province, South Korea

Married to : Jung Yoo Sun

Children : One son and 2 daughters

Last Education : Seoul Drama School (Theater Studies)

Most actors start their acting career through dramas, but actor Jung Dong-hwan started his career in theater. After being involving in many stage productions, he then started to become more involved in movies since 1982. He didn’t stop there, actor Jung Dong-hwan was also then involved in several dramas.

Complete List of Jung Dong-hwan’s Movies

No. Movie Title Role Year
1. “Late Autumn’ Min Gi 1982
2. “Getting on the Elevator” Taek Gu 1986
3. “Jung Kwang’s Nonsense” Go Chang Ryul / Jung Kwang 1986
4. “Blue Heart”
5. “A Top Knot on Montmartre” Jin Ho 1987
6. “A Street Musician” Yoo Soo 1987
7. “Going Out at Dawn” Jung Yong 1990
8. “Mother’s Field” Min Yong Chul 1992
9. “The Scent at the Edge of the World” 1993
10. “The Story of Two Women” 1994
11. “The Rhapsody” Otan 2001
12. “Wet Dreams 2” Oh Sung Eun’s father (as cameo) 2005
13. “Murder, Take One” General Manager Nam 2005
14. “Seven Days” Kang Sang Man 2007
15. “26 Years Diary” Lee Soo Hyun’s father 2008