Wanna Know More About Jung Dong-ha? We’ve Got It Right Here!

Jung Dong-ha in King of the Mask Singer

Do you know about the popular reality show in Korea King of the Mask Singer where one appears anonymously, sings, and the judge guesses who they are? Well, Jung Dong-ha once appeared on the show and shocked everyone with his amazing voice. No one can replace his charismatic rock-vibes voice, and he can’t even hide it, so it wasn’t even that hard for the audience to guess who he is. Or was it? Well, what about you? Will you notice that it was him? Let’s just take a look at the video below!

Fun fact: In 2016, Jung Dong-ha faced Jungkook of BTS who appeared with the name Fencing Man in the second round of King of the Mask Singer.

jungkook jung dongha

His powerful voice amazed everyone in the studio and gave him rounds of applause at the end. Then again, Jung Dong-ha indeed is a really good vocalist and he puts all of his emotions every time he sings even when we can’t see his face. What a legend!

jungkook jung dongha

Latest News of Jung Dong-ha

After parting ways with Boohwal and pursuing a solo career, Jung Dong-ha finally returned and released a new song on April 17th, 2019. The agency stated that the release date was deliberately chosen as it was on his birthday month and they hoped that it would be special and meaningful to both Jung Dong-ha and the fans. The title of the song is “Waiting to Shine.” You can take a look at the music video below!

As you can see, the music video above took place in the studio where Jung Dong-ha and the team were processing the song. We can take a peek at how they produced the song and how he sang the song emotionally. If it’s still not enough to hear him sing in the studio just like the MV, let’s take a look at some videos where Jung Dong-ha sings “Waiting to Shine” on music shows!

What do you think about the song? Please, kindly share your opinion with us, and if you think that this is good, just share it with your friends so they can learn how good the singer Jung Dong-ha is!

Anyway, that was all the information we were able to gather about Jung Dong-ha. Have you fallen for him already? Don’t hesitate to be a fan because he is such a caring and sweet guy! Let’s continue supporting Jung Dong-ha and hope that he will come back soon with a much much better project that will amaze us once again. Cheers!