Wanna Know More About Jung Dong-ha? We’ve Got It Right Here!

King of Immortal Song, Jung Dong-ha

Do you know the reality show from KBS called Immortal Song where all the singers participate to sing an immortal song from legendary musicians of Korea? One of the singers that have often appeared on the show is Jung Dong-ha. In every episode that Jung Dong-ha has appeared as a guest, he has always succeeded to amaze the audience with his charismatic performance and powerful voice.

jung dongha

Just by hearing him sing live everybody can be moved to tears. All the ballad songs that he has sung have just turned out to be beautiful. Let’s take a look at some of Jung Dong-ha’s performances on Immortal Song.

This is when Jung Dong-ha covered a song titled “If You’re Like Me.” The way he put all of his heart when singing this song was so priceless. Jung Dong-ha really makes all of you feel speechless!

As a vocalist of a rock band, he also could do an amazing cover of a rock song titled “Love Them All.” Do you prefer him to sing a soft tempo ballad song or this rock type kind of song? Well, whatever it is, Jung Dong-ha still can do it all really well!

And this, everyone, is one of the masterpieces of Jung Dong-ha when he appeared as a guest on Immortal Song. He did a cover of one of the popular songs in Korea that you might know, “Goose’s Dream” by In Sooni, a Korean female singer. This song has been sung by Suzy in Dream High, a drama from KBS. But this cover version from Jung Dong-ha is definitely worth your attention. Try to listen to it with your headphones on and watch the full video. You will be moved and speechless at how Jung Dong-ha really put his heart as if he blended into the song while singing it.

This is when Jung Dong-ha covered a song titled “Friend.” You don’t need to understand the lyrics, just by seeing him singing the song you will understand how painful the song’s lyrics are. Jung Dong-ha once again amazed us with his emotional performance on Immortal Song.

And of course, those covers were not the only covers that Jung Dong-ha did. You can just search them all on YouTube to find out more about his performances on Immortal Song. Be careful, you might get goosebumps after that!

Covering BTS’ “DNA”

Not only he has done covers of songs by legendary Korean singers and bands, but Jung Dong-ha also once covered one of the popular songs of the sensational boy group BTS, on the Immortal Song episode which aired on June 29th, 2019. The song titled “DNA” that was first released in September 2017 was successfully sung by Jung Dong-ha with a totally different vibe. Instead of giving the idol-like performance just like the original singer, Jung Dong-ha brought out the sexy vibes of his powerful voice to make a totally different version of BTS’ “DNA.”

By that, the rocker who used to be a vocalist of Boohwal succeeded to hype the audiences who attended the venue and heard it live, as well as the audiences who watch it on TV or YouTube. Every single member of the audience enjoyed Jung Dong-ha’s cover of BTS’ “DNA,” even the elderly ladies and gentlemen.

Let’s listen to the cover and tell us what you think about it!

Wedding and Marriage

In December 2013, Jung Dong-ha shared a piece of good news about him and his long-time girlfriend that the two of them will be getting married. The girlfriend of Jung Dong-ha was not a celebrity or even from the entertainment industry. That is the reason why Jung Dong-ha never shared about his personal romantic life with his girlfriend that is his wife to be. Pst, do you know? Not only Jung Dong-ha married his long-time girlfriend, but he also married a girl that was his first love. What a sweet guy he is!

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Anyway, the couple finally held a ceremony at a private venue to protect the bride’s privacy. Jung Dong-ha and his wife who he has known since their university days didn’t share the details of the wedding location and date time as well. But still, they shared some photos from the wedding. The girl must be so lucky to have such a guy like Jung Dong-ha to be her husband!

Before marrying his wife, Jung Dong-ha had talked slightly about his wife who used to be his girlfriend on a TV show. When people asked him does he have a girlfriend or not, Jung Dong-ha proudly smiled and said, “Yes, I have a girlfriend.”

jung dongha

Let’s take a look at some pics taken at Jung Dong-ha’s wedding!

jung dongha