Ex-B.A.P Member Jung Dae-hyun: From His Profile to His Most Recent News


Ex-B.A.P Member Jung Dae-Hyun is Finally Back!

The members of the group B.A.P. are, one by one, coming back to the industry after the  hiatus they have been on since 2012, including Dae-hyun. Jung Dae-hyun, or better known as the main vocalist of the group, is finally back with his first solo mini album. To go along with the hype, Channel-Korea provides you this article in order for us to dig deeper into Dae-hyun and find out more about the now-solo artist!

Jung Dae-hyun’s Full Profile

daehyun bap

Birth Name: Jung Dae-hyun
Birth Date: June 28, 1993
Birth Place: Gwangju, South Jeolla Province
Age: 27 (Korean age)
Height: 177 cm
Weight: 63 kg
Blood Type: A
Family: Parents, Older Brother
Education: Seokwang Elementary School, Sajik Elementary School & Middle School, Busan Computer and Science High School (dropped out), Soongsil University
Social Media Accounts: @dh_jung_bap (Instagram), @BAP_Daehyun (Twitter), 대현BabyHyun (Youtube)

Facts About Dae-hyun

  • His ideal type is a woman who has sweet image, like Shin Saimdang
  • His personality is both shy and tough
  • He has a habit of licking his lips
  • His dream of becoming a singer started when he was still a child watching TVXQ
  • He joined TS Entertainment in the summer of 2011, and made his debut six months after that when he was introduced as the last member of B.A.P

Departure From B.A.P and TS Entertainment

On February 17, cited from allkpop, TS Entertainment announced the news that the rest of the members of B.A.P, including Dae-hyun, would be leaving the label and not continuing their contract, following the lead of Yongguk and Zelo, who had left the label previously. In the announcement, TS Entertainment said, “Hello, this is TS Entertainment. We are letting you know that our exclusive contracts with Himchan, Daehyun, Youngjae, and Jongup are over. The B.A.P members’ exclusive contracts with TS Entertainment ended, and we came to an agreement together to go our separate ways. We sincerely thank domestic and international fans who have shown much love to Himchan, Daehyun, Youngjae, and Jongup, and ask for your continued support. Thank you.”

Following the news of the departure, on February 18, Dae-hyun left a personal message on his Instagram regarding the matter. His message reads as follows,
2012-2019 We really worked hard. We fell and got back up. Now, I just have one thought in my mind – that they were all precious and happy memories that I would never be able to feel again..
The TS Entertainment family who has worked so hard up til now, thank you so much. And CEO Kim Tae Song who’s watching from heaven, I’m sorry for saying this now but it wouldn’t have been possible without you. I still admire and miss you.
2019~ I can’t say for sure how and when I will be greeting you guys but I will be with music until the day I die. Please give support. Thank you BABY.

According to fans, this news of departure is to be expected, as B.A.P went through a hiatus in 2014 after filing a lawsuit against their entertainment company. However, with all members of B.A.P already leaving the company, their ex-leader, Bang Yongguk, said that B.A.P is not disbanding.

Solo Career

On March 4th, Jung Dae-hyun dropped the news that he would be releasing a solo mini album, through his personal Instagram account. The album is titled Chapter2 “27”, and is his first solo project after his official departure from TS Entertainment just a month prior. He composed and wrote the lyrics for all the tracks in the album himself. Partnering with Culture Bridge, he created a crowdfunding program for fans who wanted to support the release of this project. In just 6 hours, he managed to reach his target of 30 million KRW. The crowdfunding project that started on March 5 had even exceeded the goal and reached over 52 million KRW by the following day.

Although the crowdfunding program was a huge success, there was a controversy afterwards, as some fans expressed their disappointment regarding the reward system. Through the crowdfunding program, fans can donate their money with varied amounts that fell into six different categories; H, O, L, D, ON, and BABY. Each category would get rewards in exchange for their money, according to how much they donated.

Fans who donated in the H category (15,000 KRW) would get rewarded with Dae-hyun’s first mini album, a morning call audio, and a thank-you clip. Those who donated in the O category (50,000 KRW) would get all the previous benefits and, in addition, 4 types of photo card and a handwritten letter. In L category (100,000 KRW), fans would get a special photobook in addition to all the previous benefits. D category (200,000 KRW) would additionally receive an invitation to Dae-hyun’s birthday party. ON category (300,000 KRW) donors would get all the previous benefits in addition to a backstage tour. And those fans who donated the most amount of money, aka the BABY category (500,000 KRW), would get all the special benefits, including attending Dae-hyun’s mini album celebratory concert.

Now, the source of the disappointment from fans came from the fact that the fans needed to donate 500,000 KRW in order to attend the mini album celebratory concert, whereas the usual concert ticket range in South Korea is from 100,000 KRW to 150,000 KRW. The fans thought that this amount of money was too high. At the time of the release of the crowdfunding program, the details of the events mentioned as the rewards for the donation were also still unknown.

Solo Discography

As mentioned before, Dae-hyun has released his first solo mini album Chapter2 “27” in April, 2019. The album consists of 4 songs and 1 instrumental of the title track, You’re My, all of which were produced and written by Dae-hyun himself. Before this album, he also released two solo singles, one of which was a collaboration with his ex-band-mates. In 2017, he released the single Shadow, from Dae Hyun X Jong Up Project Album ‘Party Baby’, and in 2018 he released the single Baby, from his first digital single album of the same name.

Dae-hyun’s Tattoo

jaeblossoms on Twitter

It is a common fact—at least among fans—that Dae-hyun has 2 tattoos on his body. One of them is a very obvious tattoo on his wrist that says ‘HOLD’, while the other one is a pretty hidden one on his back that says ‘music which is consisted of my team, my friend, and my family is the best, absolute, and perfect genre ever’. He got them both during the hiatus his  former group went through after their lawsuit issue with their company. The one on his wrist was created as a hope that fans will hold on to him and the group as they face the difficulties together, and the second one was because he felt that his fellow B.A.P members are the most important and precious people in his life.

Dae-hyun Launches His Own YouTube Channel

On February 23, Dae-hyun uploaded a clip announcing that he has opened up his own YouTube channel. In the clip, he told the fans that he would be sharing stories about his life and his new music as well. He also announced that he had a small concert at Kyungsung University on March 9.

Dae-hyun’s Ideal Type

Regarding his ideal type of a lover, Dae-hyun said that she would be like Shin Saimdang. He likes an elegant girl who has a sweet smile. In one of his past interviews with a magazine, he said that when he gets a girlfriend he really wants to share a couple item with her, either sneakers or clothes.

Talking about past relationships, Dae-hyun has revealed that a long time ago, he once dated a foreigner, a girl of a mixed-Korean culture he met at Nataraja Academy. Unfortunately, that relationship did not last long due to the language barrier. He said it only lasted for 20 days. Rumor has it that the girl’s name is Jennie, because he somehow slipped the name unconsciously while talking about said relationship on a variety show.

Smoking Incident


Talking about bad habits, Dae-hyun has once got caught smoking because of a photo he uploaded to his Instagram account. It was a self-camera (selca) photo of him outside on a bright sunny day, but what made him got caught was the small box peeking from his shirt pocket. There was a logo on top of the box and fans confirmed that it was a logo of the Parliament cigarette brand. He soon realized the mistake as fans started talking about it, and took down the photo from his Instagram account not long after.

Dae-hyun with His Brother

It seems that Dae-hyun is not the kind of person that often exposes his family to the fans, based on the small number of images uploaded or comments made about them, but if you squint just enough, there are some. For example, in 2015 he posted a picture of him and his brother, Jung Sang-hyun, posing in a newly opened restaurant to show support for his brother’s business.

Latest News of Dae-hyun

Dae-hyun’s fans should all rejoice, because on April 22 he posted news on his social media announcing his first solo concert ‘You Me and Us’. The concert would be held on April 27 at Beakam Art Hall. In the video clip that he posted on YouTube along with the news, he showed his excitement to finally meet again with fans in a concert and said that he had prepared a lot for it. It seems that we can expect to have a lot fun during the concert!


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In his latest Instagram post, Dae-hyun shared another great piece of news, that he will have a special encore stage See You Again on May 19 at 6 p.m. KST in Jungnang-gu Hall, Seoul, South Korea. For us international fans who cannot attend the concert, he also prepared a limited-edition photo set collection that has three different kinds of Polaroid-style photo sets, which include photos of Daehyun’s daily looks, concert backstage/rehearsal takes, and day-of concert shots. Through these photos, he hopes that we get to experience the live performance and see Dae-hyun behind the scenes.

With all the concerts, YouTube content, and other activities that he is currently doing, it’s safe to say that we can expect to see a lot more of Dae-hyun in the future. Let’s continue giving him our support and hope that Dae-hyun will continue walking on the flower path in the future!