Let’s Take a Look at Jung Chae-yeon’s Appearances on Reality Show ‘Law of the Jungle’ Here!


Let’s Meet the Beautiful and Multi-Talented South Korean Idol Girl Group Member of DIA – Jung Chae-yeon

Jung Chae-yeon was born on December 1st, 1997, in Suncheon, South Jeolla, South Korea. She is a singer, actress, and model. She is widely known as one of the members of the girl group DIA under MBK Entertainment and she is one of the finalists in the reality program Produce 101 Season 1, making her also a member of the girl group I.O.I in 2016. She attended Seoul School of Performing Arts, or also known as SOPA, from 2012 to 2016 with her group partner from DIA, Eun-jin. On February 4th, 2016, Chae-yeon graduated from SOPA.

Chae-yeon has been an MBK Entertainment trainee for 8 months. Before her official debut as a member of DIA, playing the main character, she appeared in the music video for the song “I’m good” by Elsie and K.Will.

In February 2015, MBK Entertainment announced their plan to debut a new girl group. Initially, the company had decided on candidates who might join the group by participating in their survival programs, with the aim that the community could be more familiar with the members. MBK Entertainment announced that the potential candidates are Cathy, Eun-jin, and Kim Min-hyun. Min-hyun then left this project for personal reasons, and Moon Seul-gi and Chae-yeon were added to replace her. In June, MBK Entertainment announced that they have canceled their plans to hold a survival program, and decided to choose the members of their own volition. After several changes, the final members were revealed. This group had been scheduled to debut as a group with 7 members, consisting of Seung-hee, Cathy, Eunice, Jenny, Yebin, Eun-jin, and Chae-yeon.

On September 14th, 2015, DIA released their debut album, Do It Amazing. The same day, the music video for their title song, “Somehow,” was released. Their first public appearance was also held on September 14th, the group held a showcase at Ilchi Art Hall in Seoul, South Korea. They made their official debut on the M! Countdown stage on September 17th, 2015.

In December 2015, MBK Entertainment announced that Chae-yeon would temporarily resign from the group to take part in the Produce 101 Season 1 survival program, and she had auditioned and signed a contract to join the program before making her official debut with DIA. She was ranked 7th in general in the final round with 215,338 votes, which made her selected as a member of I.O.I. Chae-yeon debuted with I.O.I in May 2016.

On May 11th, MBK Entertainment confirmed that Chae-yeon will return to DIA for their upcoming comeback in June. On June 10th, 2016, YMC Entertainment revealed that Chae-yeon would not be participating in the promotion of the unit I.O.I, because she is currently promoting with her other group, DIA, during their comeback. On June 30th, 2016, she was confirmed to be starring in the TVN drama Drinking Solo.

Jung Chae-yeon’s Reality Show Appearances


Daily DIA

She used to appear in a reality show program about the daily activities of her group, Daily DIA, in 2015, during season 1 and season 2.

Show Me The Money

In 2015, she took part in the survival show Show Me The Money, along with Cathy and Eun-jin.


100 People, 100 Songs

In September 2015, Jung Chae-yeon took part in the Jtbc program 100 People, 100 Songs.

After School Club

Still in the same year, in 2015 Jung Chae-yeon again participated in the Arirang program, After School Club.

Hidden Singer

In the program Hidden Singer in 2015, Jung Chae-yeon participated together with Seung-hee and Yebin.

Two Yoo Project Sugar Man

DIA’s Chae-yeon, Girl’s Day Sojin and many more appeared as guests in the JTBC show Two Yoo Project Sugar Man, on June 28th, 2016.

Master Key

In October 2017, Jung Chae-yeon was invited as a guest along with Kim Se-jeong in the latest program Master Key.

Produce 101

Jung Chae-yeon is currently an idol under MBK Entertainment. She ranked 7th on the finale of Produce 101 Season 1 and made it into the final lineup of I.O.I.

Gag Concert

In October 2016, Jung Chae-yeon participated in the KBS2 program Gag Concert along with Hee-hyun.


Happy Together

In the KBS program Happy Together 3, Jung Chae-yeon talked about her friendship with Yeo Jin-goo and danced together with her.

Jung Chae-yeon heading to Chile for Law of the Jungle


An insider revealed, “Jung Chae-yeon will be joining Law of the Jungle in Chile in January. It’ll be her first time going on the show since her debut.

Chile is the one country Kim Byung-man wanted to go the most. The Chile series will feature Kim Jong-minKim Sung-ryungKim Seung-sooHong Jin-young, and NU’EST W’JR.

Detaining Hunger for 70 Hours in Law of the Jungle, DIA’s Chae-yeon Falls Sick


A piece of unpleasant news came from one of the members of the girl group DIA, Chae-yeon. This beautiful singer has been rumored of being forced to leave the reality program show Law of the Jungle after experiencing pain.

In the episode that aired on February 16th, guest stars had to continue the challenge of finding food to survive in Patagonia, the southernmost region in South America. Because they could not find proper food, Kim Byung-man’s team had to endure hunger for around 70 hours and only consumed the raw ingredients they had obtained from nature.

Reported by Soompi, unable to endure the pain, Chae-yeon eventually revealed the pain she felt to singer Hong Jin-young, after having had time to hide it. Chae-yeon cried as a result of the pain, so Kim Byung-man told her to lie down while waiting for the medical team to come.

After being examined, the medical team said that the pain in her abdomen was caused by not eating for 70 hours. She was finally rushed to the staff’s lodging to get food and be treated. The 20-year-old singer claimed to feel disappointed because her body was unable to survive.

“I started feeling small pain in the morning but I didn’t want to cause problems so I just held it back,” Chae-yeon said.

Besides Chae-yeon, the episode also featured Kim Byung-man, NU’EST W’s JR, MONSTA X’s Minhyuk, Hong Jin-young, ZE:A’s Kim Dong-jun, and Kim Seung-soo. The episode, which coincided with the Chinese New Year, received a high rating, with an 8.3 percent rating at the start of the event and 13.6 percent in the middle of the event.

With this rating, Law of the Jungle is the highest rated variety show that shows during Chinese New Year.

DIA’s Chae-yeon Needs Medical Help After Starving for 3 Days Straight on Law of the Jungle


On February 16th, DIA’s Chae-yeon appeared in Law of the Jungle in Patagonia, along with Kim Byung-man, Kim Seung-soo, Hong Jin-young, Kim Dong-joon, NU’EST W’s JR, and MONSTA X’s Minhyuk.

After 70 hours of surviving in the Patagonian jungle, the “Jungle” team had not eaten anything and it was taking its toll on the contestants. DIA’s Chae-yeon broke down and shed tears when she began having severe stomach pain. Other survivors helped her get rest until the team’s doctor arrived on site.

The doctor concluded that Chae-yeon was suffering from starvation and the pain was caused by the deprivation of food. Kim Byung-man persuaded Chae-yeon to follow the doctor back to the base camp to recover. Idols are known for their outrageous diets, but this was beyond what Chae-yeon could handle.