From I.O.I To DIA, Here Is The Story of Jung Chae-yeon’s Journey as a Member of a Girl Group

Become a DIA Member

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Before Chaeyeon participated in Produce 101 season 1 and became a part of IOI, she already debuted before, in a group called DIA. This group was created by MBK Entertainment. Their first plan is to make a survival show, but the plans were cancelled and the company chose the members directly, instead.

After quite a long period of preparation, the member line-up was announced. There were Eunice, Huihyeon (Cathy was her previous stage name), Jenny, Yebin, Chaeyeon, Euinjin and, later on, Seunghee was added as a member.

DIA finally released their first self-titled debut studio album, called ‘Do It Amazing’, on Septermber 14, 2015, with the catchy title track ‘Somehow (왠지)’. Here is Chayeon’s Focus Cam of Somehow:

In 2016, DIA made their first comeback with their first mini album, called ‘Happy Ending’, along with their music video on June 14, 2016. The comeback title song was ‘On the Road’. Here is Chaeyeon’s special video for ‘On the Road’ and her live performance:

Special Video

Live Performance Focus

Three months later, DIA made another comeback, inspired by Harry Potter, with an album called ‘Spell’. With their title track ‘Mr. Potter’, DIA started to get more attention from the public, both because of the catchy song and Chaeyeon’s visual, as well.

Around April 19, 2017, DIA came back with their second studio album, ‘YOLO’. This album contained 14 songs with the title track ‘Will You Go Out with Me?’. There are also some tracks that were self-composed by DIA’s members, including Chaeyeon. They also featured other artists like rapper DinDin and another ex-member of IOI, Chungha.

Here is her adorable live performance focus:

On August 22, 2017, they made another comeback with the album ‘Love Generation’, which had the title track ‘Can’t Stop’.

Last year, on July 5, DIA came back again, with a summer album with the title track ‘Woo Woo’. This comeback also brought the first wins for the group at music shows, congratulations, girls! To celebrate it, here is Chaeyeon’s fancam footage of the group’s ‘Woo Woo’ performance:

This year, DIA has also comeback with their fifth mini album, ‘Newtro’, and the title track of the album was called ‘Woowa’.

DIA’s Chaeyeon’s Filmography

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Not only active as an idol, Chaeyeon is also active as an actress, as well. There are many dramas, television series, and even films that she has done before. Let’s look at Chaeyeon’s filmography below!

Television Series

  • TvN – Drinking Solo (as Jung Chaeyeon) in 2016.
  • SBS – Reunited Worlds (as young Jung Won) in 2017. (episodes 1,2,4,8,11,16,40).
  • KBS2 – Marry Me Now (as young Lee Mi Yeon) in 2018 (episodes 1, 4-10, 44).
  • KBS2 – To Jenny (as Kwon Na Ra) in 2018.
  • Netflix – My First Love (as Hong Song Yi) in 2019 (episodes 1-16).

Web Series

  • Naver TV Cast: 2015 – Sweet Temptation (as a cameo named Ah Mi).
    2017 – 109 Strange Things (as Shin Ki Won).
    I AM (as Annie).


  • 2018 – Live Again, Love Again (as lead role named Yoon Hee).

Variety Shows

  • 2016: – Mnet: Produce 101 (a survival show to debut as a member of IOI).
    – TvN: Go Go Mr. Park! (Cast member).
  • 2017: – KBS2: Battle Trip (as special MC, eps. 65-67).
  • 2018: – SBS: Law of the Jungle (cast member).
    Inkigayo (as a host).

Chaeyeon’s Personal Instagram

A DIA’s fan, especially Chaeyeon’s, bias? Want to know more about her daily life activities or update her most recent photo? Don’t worry, Channel-Korea’s got your back! Here is Jung Chayeon’s personal official Instagram for you: