Jung Ae-ri’s Profile and Drama List


Jung Ae-ri is a veteran drama actress who has been active since 1978. Since then, she has starred in plenty of Korean dramas. She is known for playing roles of calm, intellectual, and caring women in the dramas she has been. But Ae-ri does not only play protagonists, in 2008 she tried to show a different side of herself by taking on the role of a cold-hearted stepmother in the 2008 KBS drama Women of the Sun. Her career has mainly included drama series, a few movies, and various television commercials.

Jung Ae-ri’s Profile

jung aeri

Jung Ae-ri is currently 57 years old. She was born on August 11, 1960 in South Korea. She started her career in 1978 when she participated in an audition for KBS, and was chosen to sign a job contract exclusively with KBS. Since then, she has played many characters, such as attorneys, journalists, and doctors in various films, movies, and on the stage.

In 1980, Jung Ae-ri decided to move to another television network channel, MBC. She started to gain recognition in 1985 through her drama Love and Truth, for which she won the Daesang (“Grand Prize”) at the MBC Drama Awards and Best TV Actress at the Baeksang Arts Awards.


In the same year, Jung Ae-ri also married Park Jeong-Joon, and immigrated to the United States. At that time, she made the choice to quit acting temporarily, but three years later, in 1988, she came back to Korea and continued her career as an actress. Since then, her career has continued to thrive, and up she remains active on television even up until now.

Jung Ae Ri

A few years later, 1997 to be exact, Jung Ae-ri received a lot of praise for a local stage production of A Streetcar Named Desire, where her role as a ditzy nurse and an rude senior citizen earned her much positive feedback and in the following year, she took home the Best Actress award at the Seoul Theater Festival.

Sadly, her married life was not going as smoothly as her career. In 2005, she divorced her first husband, Park Jeong-Joon. Through her first marriage, she has one daughter, Park Ji-Hyun. In 2011, Jung Ae-ri married Ji Seung-Ryong, a businessman who studied theology at Yonsei University. At that time, the two of them had been going through some difficult times in their lives, and when they met each other at a religious event, they instantly hit it off. But their marriage was already on the verge of breaking down just seven months after their marriage. It was said that the reason for their breakup was due to personality differences. From this second marriage, Jung Ae-ri did not have any children.

Jung Ae-ri is not only active in the entertainment world, she is also very generous, as she has been particularly busy doing volunteer work in orphanagessince 1989 . In 2007, the Inter-Parliamentarians for Social Service honored Jung Ae-ri for giving aid as a sponsor to starving children in Korea and overseas.