Jun-seong Kim’s Profile and Facts


Jun-seong Kim works as an actor, and he may not be that famous yet in South Korea, but he is seeking to make it big in the United States. He has an impressive background and actually had a quite stable job before deciding to become an actor. Want to know more about this handsome actor? Then just keep on reading!

Jun-seong Kim: Profile and Facts


Jun-seong Kim is an American-Korean actor who has been working in the entertainment industry since 2001. Other than his real name, he is also known as Kim Jun or Brian Kim This masculine actor was born on October 4, 1975 in Hong Kong, and he was also raised there. That is why he is very fluent in Mandarin and Cantonese, and as a Korean, of course, he is also fluent in Korean. Jun-seong has spent some of his time in the United States, so he is also fluent in English as well.

This actor is also pretty tall for the average Korean man as he is 180 cm tall, and he weighs in at 70 kg which is pretty common for a model. Judging by when his birthday is, it seems like his zodiac sign is Libra. Right now, he works under the talent agency MLab Asia.

When Jun-seong was in the United States, he went to Wake Forest University in North Carolina, and he majored in Philosophy and Economics. Thanks to his proficiency in several foreign languages, he got a job as a stockbroker which made him earn large sums at the Hong Kong branch of ABN AMRO before he made his way into the entertainment industry in 2001.


He already had a stable job, and you all might be wondering why he suddenly chose another path. Well, in 2001 he performed in a musical The Rocky Horror Show in Korea and this experience actually is the one that turned him to the acting career.

He had steadily worked to improve his acting career, and he has also landed some major roles in films such as Love Exposure and West 32nd and the TV drama The Lobbyist. But after shooting The Scam in 2009, he eventually moved to Hollywood and appeared in the short film The Forgotten, and also the film White on Rice.

In 2011, Kim caught audiences’ eyes with his natural acting style and fluent Chinese in Late Autumn, which made many think he is Chinese American when he is actually Korean American. Currently, he lives in Los Angeles and is still seeking to make it big in Hollywood. Well, good luck with that! We hope that he’ll make it big in Hollywood soon!

Jun-seong Kim’s Movies

Throughout the years, he has been in several different movies playing not just minor but also major roles. Here is a complete list of all of his movies since 2004. Check it out!

Mr. Handy (2004)


This movie was released in 12 March 2004 and was directed by director Kang Seok-Beom. The romance movie is about the story between a good looking 31 year old, Hong Doo-Shik, who is capable of doing anything and also knows everything and a fired dentist, Yoon Hye-Jin. In this movie, Jun-seong only has minor role.

Possible Changes (2004)


This romance drama movie was released in 18 March 2004, and was directed Min Byung-Guk. In this movie Jun-seong plays the role of David. The movie is about a pair of childhood friends, Moon-ho and Jong-kyu, who are in their mid thirties and seems to have no clear path in their life except for their uncontrollable desire to have sex with women.

Blossom Again (2005)


Again, in this movie Jun-seong only got minor role, here he plays the older version of the lead character. This movie was released on 29 September 2005, and was directed by director Jung Ji-Woo. The story is about a complicated relationship between a 30-year-old instructor, Cho In-Young, who feels something towards her 17-year-old student Lee Suk.

West 32nd (2007)


In this movie, Jun-seong got a pretty big role as a thug named Mike Juhn. This action movie tells a story about an ambitious young lawyer John Kim who tries his best to defend a 14-year-old Korean boy convicted of the homicide pro bono and in the midst of the investigation he met Jun-seong’s character, Mike Juhn. The action movie was released in 2017, and is directed by director Michael Kang.

Love Exposure (2007)


In late 2007, he appeared in a romance comedy movie that is based on Japanese novel “Katagoshi no Koibito” by Kei Yuikawa. In this movie, Jun-seong plays the role as Kwon Young-Ho. The movie was released on 18 October 2007, and is directed by director Lee Eon-Hee.