Jun Ji-hyun’s Wedding: Ring, Dress, Photos, and Videos

jun ji hyun

Who’s Doesn’t Know Jun Ji-hyun?

South Korea’s beautiful artist, Jun Ji hyun, or, as she’s also known, Gianna Jun, was born in 1981. Jun Ji-Hyun began her career as a model at Ecole Magazine in 1997, then she was became an MC for a music program on SBS TV called Inkigayo in 1998. She began to branch out in the film and TV industry in 1999, when she played in a drama called White Valentine, as Jung-Min.

Jun Ji-Hyun became famous when she starred in the drama My Sassy Girl in 2001, and became even more well-known for a drama she did, playing with Lee Min-ho, The Legend of the Blue Sea, back in 2016. She’s received many awards from her fans and Korean drama lovers.

jun ji hyun

Jun Ji-Hyun’s Wedding Photos

jun ji hyun

The beautiful actress was married in 2012. Her handsome husband is Choi Jun-hyuk. Choi Jun-hyuk isn’t a man from an ordinary family, he’s the son of a wealthy CEO and the largest shareholder of Alpha Management Assets.

jun ji hyun

His mother is a fashion designer, and his grandmother was a famous hanbok designer.  He also opened the Lee Young-Hee museum in the United States.

jun ji-hyun

They first met in elementary school, and were friends even back then. After they grew up, their relationship got closer, and one day Choi Jun-hyuk proposed to Jun Ji-Hyun. They set their wedding date for April 13, 2012, at the Shilla Hotel in Seoul. Since their marriage they’ve had two children.

Jun Ji-hyun’s Wedding Dress

jun ji-hyun

Before the ceremony, Jun Ji-Hyun showed off her wedding dress. Based on various considerations, the bride and her agency agreed to hold a press conference before the event. Jun Ji- Hyun wore her wedding dress at the press conference, and answered questions, telling everyone about how she felt before the wedding.

jun ji-hyun

We can see that the gown has a mesh overlay, and as if there were gems and silver covering her shoulders. The dress she wore was simple and elegant, and she also wore silver heels, which made her look very beautiful.

jun ji-hyun

At the wedding, Jun Ji-hyun wore two wedding dresses. The first one she wore at the conference, and then the second dress, which was white and extremely simple.

jun ji-hyun

Here is a video showcase of Jun Ji-hyun’s wedding.

Jun Ji-Hyun and Choi Jun-hyuk didn’t allow many wedding photos to be released to the public, so there aren’t very many available to show.