Jun Ji-hyun Chooses New Hairstyle: Her Cut and Color

Jun Ji-hyun

Jun Ji-hyun’s Secret Beauty

Jun Ji-hyun is known for her beauty and great body in South Korea. There’re a lot of men who favor her as their ideal type and women who use her as their role model. As such, Jun Ji-hyun’s hairstyle is popular among girls. Her appearances in dramas also have successfully captured people’s attention as she nails her looks. One of her trademarks is her long hair that we can see in her hit drama My Love from the Star.

Jun Ji-hyun’s New Hairstyle

Jun Ji-hyun

After being known for having beautiful long black hair, in 2015, she cut her hair to a shoulder-length bob which shocked many people. This look was new since she always appeared with her long hair for years. However, she decided to cut her hair for her role in Assassination, a movie that was a huge success in South Korea.

In 2016, she returned with her long black hair for her drama The Legend of the Blue Sea where she starred alongside Lee Min Ho. In this drama, her hair became a goal for a lot of women in Korea, and it was referred to as the mermaid trend. This trend was huge since the drama received a lot of viewers. Her role as a mermaid looked very pretty with her long, wavy hair, and her fans praised her looks even more.

Here are Jun Ji-hyun’s new look with fresh haircut!

Jun Ji-hyun
jun ji-hyun
jun ji-hyun