Want to Know About Jun Ji-hyun’s Diet Tips and Exercise Routine? Let’s Take a Look

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The CF Queen’s Ideal Body

Who doesn’t know Jun Ji-hyun? The 36 years old actress that has married with Choi Joo-hyuk in 2012 and has been blessed with 2 children. Her career as an actress began in 1997, but her biggest breakthrough was from the romantic comedy drama My Sassy Girl (2001). The film hit was the highest grossing Korean comedy of all the time and made Jun Jihyun popularity sky rocket to stardom. My Love from The Star (2014) and The Legend of The Blue Sea (2016) had also become a huge television series hit and won many awards due to it. She even received 2 Daesang’s awards for My Love from The Star, this just one example that Jun Ji-hyun is truly an amazing and talented actress!

Aside from her many achievements as an actress, Jun Ji-hyun is also known to have beautiful, healthy body, especially her smooth glowing skin. Her body is 5″8 ft or 173 cm in height paired with long slender legs. Even after her 2nd pregnancy Jun Ji-hyun still looks really skinny and slim. Many people might think, how can she maintain her weight regularly and want to know what is her secret tips about it.

Well, we are here to tell you all about the secret for you guys. Lets check it out!

‘The Nations First Love’ Skin Care Routine

One of Jun Ji-hyun’s secret to keeping her skin young and fresh are mostly from self caring, such as a thorough cleansing in of short period time, using sunscreen and drinking enough water all the time.


Cleaning the face slowly and carefully is important for her, she starts with warm water and finished with cold water when washing her face. Ji-hyun mentioned her key of cleansing is not to rub the cleanser for too long and finish the cleansing quickly as possible. She added that you should tap the face gently with your fingertips as if you’re massaging it.

She also keeps hydrated by drinking water regularly and taking a good nights rest. Ji-hyun said that she drinks a little bit cold or room temperature water frequently through the day to keep her sensitive dry skin being moisturized. Before going to sleep, the beauty icon of Korea will do lower body bathing, light stretching or meditation. Yoga and jogging are also her chosen activities to keep her healthy and keep her fit body.

Body Managing with Gianna Jun


Appearing in Celebrity Scoops JTBC on May 30, Ji-hyun told the interviewer that she enjoys having some chicken and beer. When she was asked about how to maintain her slim body, she answers simply, “I exercise.” She added that she would eat everything she wants and doesn’t follow strict diets very much, and as for balancing her weight, she does jogging and yoga to help her stay in tip top body shape.

Ji-hyun is known as a workout freak, many of her close friends agree with the title that’s been given to her. Kim Hae-sook, an actress who played at the same movie as Jun Ji-hyun, was shocked at Ji-hyun’s fitness and passion when she saw her coming out from the swimming pool without a single gasp or expression of exhaustion on her face after swimming for four laps.

The fact that this Beauty Icon was far from the title ‘sleepyhead’ as she is known to be a  “morning workout mania.” Ji-hyun also describes herself as morning person since she was always wakes up at 6 in the morning to go straight to workout.


It’s some proof again of the encouragement she puts on herself on from a long time ago to where she is now, who has a pure sense of diligence and an extraordinary self managing ability. I hope this will inspire all of you guys to start exercising and maintaining your body to be more healthy than before. Good Luck everyone!