From Jun Ji-hyun to Suzy: Which Actress Has the Best Chemistry with Kim Soo-hyun?

Kim Soo-hyun and Sulli in Real

kim soo hyun & sulli

Last but not least, there are Kim Soo-hyun and Sulli with their performance in Real. In the movie Real, Kim Soo-hyun played the role of Jang Tae-yeong, and Sulli played the role of Song Yoo-hwa. The movie was released in 2017 and obviously, it got a lot of positive responses from their fans and the general audience.

Real tells a story about Jang Tae-yeong who is famously known as a guy who has had a big ambition to build a casino. He has a female personal assistant, Song Yoo-hwa who is always next to him and helps him on every occasion. She is also known as a beautiful and sexy assistant, and when Jang Tae-yeong gets involved in an accident and loses his memory, Song Yoo-hwa is there to help her boss in everything he needs. Their relationship isn’t just a professional one between a boss and his assistant, but Jang Tae-yeong and Song Yoo-hwa are involved in a romantic relationship as well.

In the movie, there are a lot of romantic scenes, among which some are of a somewhat adult nature where Kim Soo-hyun and Sulli have to look as real as possible. And of course, they did it very well.

Let’s take a look at some of the scenes between Kim Soo-hyun and Sulli in Real:

kim soo hyun & sulli
kim soo hyun & sulli

And well, that was all the information about Kim Soo-hyun and some of his co-workers throughout the K-Dramas and movies he has starred in. We all know that Kim Soo-hyun has been paired up with some of the most beautiful and talented actresses, and people also have their own thoughts about Kim Soo-hyun’s chemistry with these actresses. But still, all of the actresses who have been paired up with Kim Soo-hyun also have their own traits which also made their chemistry with Kim Soo-hyun amazing. Let’s keep supporting Kim Soo-hyun and the other actresses, and also let’s wait for another project from them.

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