Skincare and Makeup Tips from Jun Ji-hyun

jihyun makeup and skincare tips

The Beautiful Talented Actress Jun Ji-hyun

Jun Ji-Hyun is a popular South Korean actress and also a mother of two children. She will turn 37 years old this October (38 years old in Korean age), but her beauty still shines and she continues to look young. Many women might be jealous of her beauty. Instead of being jealous of her beauty, we better follow her skincare and makeup!

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Skincare Tips From Jun Ji-hyun


The first skincare tip from Jun Ji-hyun is about facial cleansing. It is a very important step and she is very careful about using products to clean out the waste matter deposited underneath the skin. After that, facial wash is another important step she usually does. She said that she starts washing her face with warm water and finishes it with cold water.

The key to her cleansing routine is to not rub the cleanser for too long and finish the cleansing as quickly as possible. In addition, she taps on her face gently with fingertips as if you are massaging it, after the cleansing.

She also does not forget to ensure adequate water intake and have a good night’s sleep. This makes her well hydrated and her sensitive skin is always kept moist. To make sure she has a good sleep, she recommends to do lower-body bathing and do some stretching or meditation.

Jun Ji-hyun’s Makeup Tips From Some Dramas She Appeared

jihyun legend of blue sea

Her appearance in dramas always steal the viewers’ attention. She always looks pretty with her natural makeup. Here are some secrets for her makeup looks in some dramas. The first tip which is also an important part, is the lips. In the drama The Legend of Blue Sea Ji-hyun always appears with natural makeup. Ji-hyun used coral or pink lipstick to make her look feel natural and fresh.

ji hyun

In some moments, Ji-hyun looks seductively with her smokey eye looks. But still, she wears a natural color of eye shadow and puts eyeliner on her eyes which makes her look more mature. Meanwhile, she still wears soft pink lipstick.

So, which one of Ji-hyun’s look in The Legend of Blue Sea you want to follow? Her natural and fresh look or her seductive and mature look?

ji hyun

She has a slightly different look in The Legend of Blue Sea. Her makeup looks in the drama The Man Who Came From The Star looks braver with colorful lipstick. As she played a role as an actress in the drama, she sometimes appears with orange lipstick or light pink lipstick to give a glamorous look. Meanwhile, she wears eyeliner.

jun ji hyun

Natural or mature makeup, Ji-hyun seems to fit any kind of makeup look. Even in her middle age, she still fits a natural makeup look which makes her seem younger than her actual age.

Girls, have you decided which one of makeup looks you want to follow from her?