Plastic Surgery or Heavy Makeup? Jun Ji-hyun’s Before-and-After Debut Photo Comparison

jun ji hyun

The Truth of Jun Ji-hyun’s Beauty

Jun Ji-hyun is the epitome of beauty in South Korea. Her name became well-known after she starred in the highly popular movie, My Sassy Girl, with her tremendous acting skill. She is publicly loved by many. Her beautiful face has also become the talk of the country. But is she born with it or has she got it with the help of heavy makeup or even plastic surgery?

Here is a picture of Jun Ji-hyun before and after her debut so you can compare them.


And here are some of her pictures in her early debut.


Sadly, the pictures have too much lighting so we cannot see clearly if there are any changes in her features. But, the pictures below might be helpful.


Jun Ji-hyun herself never made any comments about the plastic surgery rumors, but we can see there is no significant difference between her old pictures and her recent picture. One thing that is a clear difference is in her makeup! In her old pictures, it looks a little bit unnatural, especially her eyebrows. But it is understandable, because we can see many pictures of veteran Korean actresses and actors who have differences going through different makeup revolutions in Korea through the ages.

Right now, Korean makeup and skincare has shown big improvement that it is widely known around the world for its naturalness, hence we can also see Jun Ji-hyun in her current appearance!


What do you think? Is there any difference between Jun Ji-hyun’s old and recent pictures you could think of? Comment down below!