Ju Ji-hoon Profile and Facts (Movies List, Drama, News and TV Shows)

Ju Ji-hoon’s Drug Scandal & Military Service


On April 27, 2009, he was arrested by the police and punished for the drug charges alongside 15 people in total. According to the sources, one of the actresses named Ms. Yoon was the girl who was involved in supply those drugs. It was discovered during the investigation that Ms. Yoon would hide the drugs in her underclothes after obtaining them in Japan. His reason for using drugs was not due to being born with mental defects or stress from work. There were no signs of stress, nervousness, or edginess to the point where he would fall into the temptations of drugs. His venue of choice to enjoy his drug parties were clubs where flashing lights and music enhanced his sensory experiences. It was rumored that there were many celebrity drug parties at clubs.

Ju Ji-hoon began to associate himself with the drug dealer around March 2008, and has been charged by the police, for being involved in the 2nd point of transfer of the drugs. On June 23, 2009, he pleaded guilty for the use of ecstasy and ketamine. He received six months of imprisonment with a one-year suspension, 120 hours of community service, and a fine of 360,000 won. After completed his punishments, on early February of 2010, the actor enlisted in the Republic of Korea Army to serve his mandatory military service for five weeks of basic training at 306th draft in Uijeongbu of Gyeonggi Province, followed by active duty with the reserve forces.  He was later discharged on November 21, 2011, and more than 500 fans offered a great welcome to civilian life.

After his military discharge, actor Joo Ji Hoon spoke his mind about the drug scandal that has occured. He said, “My smile is not really a smile right now. A time that’s neither long nor short has passed. But I always think about what happened. I’m filled with an apologetic and sorrowful heart but in the end, I concluded that I should just work hard and become a better actor. It might sound selfish but if I want to right my wrongs, I think I should do it in a way that I do best. Not only for this upcoming musical, but for any other work, I will try harder than when I first debuted. I will give it my all and try my best.

Filmography of Ju Ji-hoon: Movies, Dramas, & Other


Ju Ji-hoon’s Movie Appearance List

Year Title Role
2008 Antique Kim Jin Hyeok
2009 The Naked Kitchen Park Du Re
2012 I Am the King Yi Do / Deok Chil
2013 Marriage Blue Kyung Soo
2014 Love Suspicion Kang Han
Confession In Chul
2015 The Treacherous Im Soong Jae
2016 Asura : The City of Madness Moon Sun Mo
2017 Along with the Gods : The Two Worlds Han Won Maek
2018 The Spy Gone North Manager Jung
Dark Figure of Crime Kang Tae Oh

Ju Ji-hoon’s Drama Appearance List

Year Title Role Network
2006 Princess Hours Crown Prince Lee Shin MBC
2007 The Devil Oh Seung Ha KBS2
2012 Five Fingers Yoo Ji Ho SBS
2013 Medical Top Team Han Seung Jae MBC
2015 Mask Choi Min Woo SBS
2018 Kingdom Crown Prince Netflix

Other Activities of Ju Ji-hoon

  • Theater Musical : Voyage of Life (생명의 항해), as Jeong Min (2010)
  • Theater Musical : Don Juan (돈 주앙), as Don Juan
  • Music Video : “처연” by Lowdown 30 (2012)
  • Music Video : “Fxxk U” by Gain feat. Bumkey (2014)
  • TV Program : Running Man Ep. 202 – 203 (2014)
  • Radio Program : EBS FM “Reading Book Radio Series” (2016)
  • Modelling : SFAA Seoul Collection Hong Seung Wan Model (2002)
  • Modelling : SFAA Seoul Collection Hong-Seung-Wan, Jung Wook Jun Model (2003)

List of Advertisements by Ju Ji-hoon

Name of Company Brand name (Type) Name of Company Brand name (Type)
Crown Confectionery (크라운제과) Butter waffle East Otsuka (동아오츠카) Green Tea
Hai Harriet(하이해리엇) Hai Harriet (shopping mall) SK Telecom (SK텔레콤) skyDBM Phone
Obi Beer (오비맥주) OB Naknain (나크나인) Nak Nine (Clothing)
Woo Sung I & C(우성I&C) BON (Clothing) Winning Apparel (연승어패럴) Clyde (Clothing)
Calvin Klein (캘빈 클라인) Calvin Klein KTF EVER
Bucharest (버커루) Bucharest POLO POLO
SK Telecom (SK텔레콤) Cyworld Reebok Reebok
IBM IBM Levis (리바이스) Levis
And Entertainment (그리곤엔터테인먼트) Seal Online